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Andreessen Horowitz Bets Big With $2.2B Crypto Fund

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In Brief

  • a16z has announced its second crypto fund, totaling $2.2 billion.
  • The fund looks to invest in blockchain and digital asset start-ups.
  • a16z partners: “We believe that the next wave of computing innovation will be driven by crypto.”
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Andreessen Horowitz is launching its latest crypto fund, with a valuation of $2.2 billion, focusing on the next wave of computing innovation driven by crypto.

The private American venture capital firm, also known as a16z, has announced its latest crypto fund to the tune of $2.2 billion. Founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are expecting the future of crypto to be as influential as the internet has become. The company will be looking to invest the war chest of funds across blockchain and digital asset start-ups. 

Katie Haun and Chris Dixon, partners of the Andreessen crypto group commented on the latest fund, saying “The size of this fund speaks to the size of the opportunity before us: crypto is not only the future of finance but, as with the internet in the early days, is poised to transform all aspects of our lives.”

While the pair have noted the extreme volatility within the crypto markets, they stated “prices may fluctuate, but innovation continues to increase through each cycle.”

Industry innovation driving investment funds

Andreessen Horowitz have been avid backers of the crypto industry since 2018, having originally begun a crypto fund after the 2017 bull run. While volatility may be scaring off many large investment funds, a16z plans on taking the risk. Haun and Dixon commented further, saying “We believe that the next wave of computing innovation will be driven by crypto,” adding that they’re “radically optimistic about crypto’s potential.”

The investment firm has seen huge success in previous investment rounds, and expects the crypto industry to yield similar results. The firm has seen previous success with companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Lyft, Pinterest, and more notably, Coinbase. The company has already made investments in blockchain technology companies such as OpenSea, Dapper Labs and dYdX.

Investment funds jumping on the train

2021 has seen a record $17 billion invested into crypto so far, with half the year still remaining. The previous record saw 7.4 billion invested in 2018. 

Investment funds show no sign of slowing down. A recent survey showed that over the next five years, funds plan to significantly increase their exposure to the crypto market. The survey, which included 100 hedge funds, expects 7.2% of hedge fund assets to be in crypto by 2026. 


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