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A Proven, Low Cost Containerised Solution for Cryptocurrency Miners Looking to Rapidly Deploy

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Finally, a proven, low cost containerized solution for cryptocurrency miners looking to rapidly deploy
It’s undeniable, managing a modern ASIC based cryptocurrency operation is economically and technically demanding. Many have tried to jump on the ‘crypto bandwagon’ with some widely reported documented failures in what has historically been an unpredictable marketplace. Navigating the industry can be particularly challenging and costly if you don’t have the right infrastructure in place. If that wasn’t enough, cryptocurrency operators have been underserved by companies selling less than adequate containerised cooling solutions that simply do not work. There are 100’s of solutions on the market that are not only ineffective when it comes to cooling but are not adaptable to changing demands and certainly do not adhere to most safety regulations. These solutions pose potential financial and safety risks. Understanding the challenges faced by crypto operators, EcoCooling has developed a direct fresh air containerised cooling solution. Different from the 100’s of ineffective, unsafe solutions available, the CloudCooler container is designed to meet the fluctuating demands of the industry and minimize risk as well as the total cost of ownership. The EcoCooling CloudCooler is designed to provide a maximum of 15 cubic meters per second of ventilation, which will support a normal maximum load of 250kW dependent upon ASIC characteristics. The container has many features that make it the ideal plug and play solution for cryptocurrency mining. It has a low cost of ownership, can be rapidly deployed and is incredibly simple to get up and running when they arrive at their destination. What’s more, the innovative design means they require very little maintenance and are future-proofed. Rapid Deployment Rapid deployment is essential in the world of crypto, you need to be able to react quickly and the CloudCooler container allows you to scale up your operations with ease. The EcoCooling manufacturing facility in the UK is designed to support rapid expansion plans for both small and large operators. The free-standing containerised solution is as close as possible to a plug and play solution. It is totally freestanding, only requiring the connection of power and comms. Inside, all ASIC power and comms cables are set up and ready to use, so all that is required is to unpack the ASICs and install them. This makes it possible to populate the container and begin mining in just one day, providing the external connection of services are in place. The speed it takes to get the miners up and running from receiving power to the container makes it the most rapid deployment solution available. What this means is that there is a minimal delay so you can start making a return on your investment as soon as possible. Low Cost of Ownership Keeping costs low is vital in helping miners to start making a profit as soon as possible. The low cost of ownership is achieved through low capital expenditure, highly efficient operation, and minimal attendance and maintenance demand. To keep build costs as low as possible, mass production techniques are used in the manufacturing of the container. This ensures that every component is high quality and efficient yet, cost-effective, meaning you get the best value. The CloudCooler solution starts life as an empty 20ft tunnel container. This is important as it retains full ISO certification for international transport, which allows redeployment by low-cost sea transport. Keeping transport costs as low as possible is a key part of making this a cost-effective solution. The low cost of the container becomes more important when you consider the fluctuation in the cost of energy. With energy costs being somewhat unpredictable, it is vital that your infrastructure spend is reliably low to minimize any risks these fluctuations may cause to your operation.  Remote locations are often favored for their low cost of energy and reliable power, so the container has been designed with this in mind. The reliability of the CloudCooler container enables you to run an unmanned, remote operation, which means you can avoid the high cost of having workers visiting the site as would be required with less sophisticated solutions. The CloudCooler solution has therefore been designed for remote, unmanned operation. A web interface shows all functions and operating parameters complete with internal web-cams.   Switchable PDUs can also be supplied to allow full power re-boot of individual ASICs. What’s more, all control software and firmware can be remotely programmed or upgraded. Therefore, minimal maintenance is required, which can be performed by semi-skilled operators. Simple, Efficient Design Often, it is the case that rapid to deploy, low-cost solutions mean you have to compromise on the quality and effectiveness of the solution but with the CC solution, compromise isn’t necessary. Drawing on 150mW of experience in the crypto sector alone, EcoCooling has years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable, long-lasting cooling solutions for telecommunications and data centers. This experience has been fundamental in ensuring every element of the container meets the requirements of cryptocurrency mining. The design of the container ensures that miner reliability is maximized by maintaining clean internal conditions and stable temperatures. Internal cleanliness is achieved using full air filtration. All of this is fundamental in ensuring miners are running as continuously as possible, therefore maximizing profits. Incoming cold air is attemperated using our patented, fully automatic air mixing system. This means that if you’re located in extremely cold conditions such as the Nordics, the harsh climate doesn’t affect the performance of the miners. Ventilation is provided by Electrically Commutated (EC) fans. These are used as they are the most efficient fans and are compliant with all the EU standards on fan energy use. This makes the solution both safer and more effective. Future Proof EcoCooling understands that the world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing, with hardware updates often rendering solutions redundant before making their return on investment. With this in mind, the container has a unique tray support system that can be rapidly and inexpensively reconfigured to match the latest miner configuration. Trusted, Proven EcoCooling’s vast experience of cooling cryptocurrency facilities has resulted in a cooling system that typically uses 500W of power per 100kW of ASIC load making it probably the most energy-efficient solution in the world. With containers in-situ within a matter of weeks from order, the CloudCooler solution gives the smaller operator the CAPEX and OPEX base to equal or even beat the large-scale operators. Get in touch to find out more about the EcoCooling CloudCooler containerised solution. [email protected] 01284 810 586
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