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$100M Cryptocurrency Fund Goes All in on Ethereum for the Next Decade

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Updated by Adam James
Darma Capital, a new $100M investment firm, is undertaking what might be called a bit gamble on Ethereum (ETH). The fund is betting big that the leading smart-contract platform will go on a 10-year bull run.
Despite Ethereum losing some 94 percent of its gains by the end of 2018, a new investment fund is betting that this is just a minor blip. Darma Capital is long on Ethereum for the next 10 years — and they’re buying as much as they possibly can during this early period. Andrew Keys, a managing member at Darma Capital, recently told Bloomberg that the cryptocurrency space today is still like the early days of the internet. In this comparison, Ether is the equivalent to the early web — but, unlike our current internet, investors can now directly invest in the ‘web 2.0.’ It’s an interesting prospect, which is why Darma Capital has been so bullish on Ethereum. Yet, they’re not the only ones. Recently, Societe Generale SA issued 100M euros-worth of bonds on the public Ethereum blockchain. ethereum global network Darma is currently registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The fund is licensed as both a commodity pool operator and commodity trading advisor. As of now, the purpose of the fund is, simply put, to buy as much ether as possible. In fact, Keys said that Darma sold the top in early 2018 to acquire more ether. The fund is actively trading to accumulate for the long game. Major questions still loom large over the Ethereum network, however. Concerns over privacy and scalability immediately come to mind, while others take issue with the currently-uncapped supply of coins. Regardless, Darma’s major bet on Ethereum may give investors confidence — the big fish are buying ether and they’re in it for the long run. Do you believe that other investors are secretly buying ether as a long-term investment? Let us know your thoughts below. 
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