YouTube is taking a new approach by taking a page out of Twitch’s book, with some Premium members receiving a free channel membership offering.

YouTube has been the world’s biggest video platform for about a decade and a half now. However, as the world changes and the new trends replace the old ones, the platform seems to be taking steps to reinvent itself. The latest such move comes as an offer to some of its Premium members.

According to what is known, YouTube is giving away Premium subscriptions for free. Numerous Premium members have received offers to pick a free channel membership, for which they would otherwise have to pay $5 per month. Those who have experience with the live streaming platform may notice that this is quite similar to what Twitch is doing with Amazon Prime users.

For now, however, YouTube seems to be having difficulties with the implementation of the new feature/perk. Reports say that it is inconsistently available, and many users who received the offer and decided to take it, eventually reported that it did not work. However, the fact is that YouTube is at least performing tests to see how the implementation of a new perk might work, so an official change might be arriving soon.

For now, YouTube did not share a lot of details regarding what this was. It could be just a test, as mentioned, or it could be YouTube’s attempt to actually launch the feature. Whichever it may be, it is not surprising that the video platform is making such a move.

As some may know, it appears that more and more Twitch streamers are moving to YouTube, and as this continues, more fans might be interested in following their favorite streamers to YouTube, as well.

If YouTube starts offering free Premium memberships, the fans could keep watching their favorite streamers and support them without having to pay to have access to them in the first place.

In the end, YouTube will also manage to boost its own Premium subscriptions, so a move such as that would be beneficial for everyone.

Images are courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitter, Pixabay.