Valentine’s Day With CryptoFlowers and a Bitcoin ATH

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In Brief
  • Valentine's Day brings challenges and opportunities to the commmunity.

  • ERC-721 standard artwork and NFTs are popular this year.

  • Bitcoin might work better, especially above $49,000 per BTC.

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Valentine’s Day in the cryptocurrency community takes many forms. Use cases for NFTs and, of course, a Bitcoin ATH, all made an appearance, and that’s just the morning.

Crypto enthusiasts are often hard put to find a way to combine their interest with their love interest. Fortunately, as the market develops, more options are appearing.

NFTs Can Save the Day

Non Fungible Tokens are on the rise, and for some, offer a way out of this conundrum. 

Financial Times writer Jemima Kelly noted a use case for NFTs on Valentine’s Day from CryptoFlowers. She was skeptical, but for a certain virtual-forward type, they might work.

These one-of-a-kind flowers, based on ERC-721 standards, are unique, and unlike bouquets of physical cut flowers, don’t die. Moreover, there is a market for them, which makes growing and selling them possible. For those who don’t like the scent of Ethereum, CryptoFlowers takes TRON as well. 

Cryptoartists are creating works that fit the Valentine’s Day theme well, even if that was not the original intent. One such artist is Charles Grant, who tweeted this sentiment regarding his latest work.

Bitcoin for Valentine’s Day

Jemima Kelly did point to the potential age gap found in CryptoFlowers’ market focus. However, she made a case for BTC that only 2021 can bring.

Look, it’s true that we cannot speak for 15-year-old girls, but we can speak for grown women. Please, lads, if you’re going to spend $90,000 of your hard-earned money on something that runs on a blockchain this Valentine’s Day, well, we haven’t said this before but: just buy us some bitcoin or something? Doge’ll do too.

Jemima Kelly

Bitcoin ATH

DOGE is not much of a Valentine’s Day present at the moment. However, Bitcoin hit new all-time highs and breached the $49,000 level multiple times on Feb. 14 already. Will it go to $50,000?

The most recent boost to the Bitcoin price comes from the Bloomberg article that Morgan Stanley is considering an entry to the Bitcoin market. Morgan Stanley’s Counterpoint Global, a fund worth $150 billion, or roughly five times the entire BTC under management by Grayscale, will engage in the holding.

Cyber Box of Chocolates

In the “now for something completely different” department, and slightly away from stacking sats, is the U.S. Cyber Command’s Valentine’s Day greetings to the cryptography world. 

In a tweet that should get the crypto community’s developers rolling up their sleeves, USCC sent a link to 12 cryptography challenges “designed by the information security community.”


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James Hydzik is a finance and technology writer and editor based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is especially interested in the development of regulation in the face of increasingly rapid technological change. He previously covered the CEE region for Financial Times banking and FDI magazines. An ardent believer in gut renovating eastern Europe one flat at a time, he currently holds more home renovation gear than crypto.

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