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TFLOW Blockchain Announces Presale

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The TFLOW team has announced the commencement of its presale with over 300 crypto investors already on board and $400,000 raised.

The team revealed that crypto enthusiasts should be at alert as TFLOW, a unique blockchain DeFi-based project on the Binance Smart Chain has got tons of opportunities for everyone who wishes to get involved in both the Crypto and Traditional Markets. 

As part of the ways to modify the financial industry and also positively impact the lives of blockchain users, TFLOW platform is designed for users that want a simple way to invest in crypto and traditional market assets and enjoy a state of the art user experience while using the platform and app. 

TFLOW as a DeFi presale is a must-watch for Al crypto investors who wish to earn big and steadily from their investment. 

What is TFLOW?

TFLOW is a DeFi coin connected to Crypto and Traditional Market Assets. It is one of the first to do so in such a manner.

The users of the platform are able to get on board, load their wallets and select to invest in multiple crypto services such as Trading Bots, Lending and Staking. 

At the same time, they are able to invest in tokenized projects in markets such as Real Estate, Shipping, Yachting, and Technology and earn annual interests between 6-22% while their capital is insured. 

Furthermore, the Users are able to invest in NFTs Collections and Gaming Projects that create their tokens within the TFLOW Ecosystem. 

Why TFLOW is unique

The uniqueness of TFLOW lies within the whitepaper token model. TFLOW promises to offer a series of simplified crypto services and good returns to its Holders. 

The Unique Trading Algorithm that the Team has created will undoubtedly be the basis of the custom Trading Bots per coin and per time frame. The Bots have already a proven track record.

The innovative tokenization mechanism of the project and the development of Investment Pools that will be connected to traditional market assets, including technology, yachting, shipping, energy, and real estate set it apart from similar projects in the industry. 

Tokenization mechanism and investment pools

While a lot of Crypto Projects claim that they offer tokenization mechanisms, there are several legal issues in tokenizing Traditional Market Assets.

TFLOW solves the problem of tokenization complexity by offering a 100% legal way to tokenize projects according to country and different jurisdictions.

This service offers the ability to create investment pools with good returns while all capital invested will be insured by insurance companies. This offers a balance in returns and an investment alternative when the crypto market is extremely volatile. 

TFLOW trading bots 

While the market is currently following the copy trading model, TFLOW has developed its own trading algorithms and bots.

Each bot is built around a specific coin and a specific timeframe while the algorithm adjusts its metrics and trading strategy based on the specific coin trends. It protects the Investors from market dips and achieves the best results with minimum trades. 

Technology and tokenomics 

TFLOW is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The specific technology was selected to achieve minimum transaction fees and maximum integration options. 

The platform will be connected to tier 1 exchanges and the users will be able to send their funds to the platform wallet in the form of stable coins. They will then have the option to select where to allocate their funds. 

When boarding the platform and loading their wallets, the Users must hold 10% of their initial wallet balance in TFLOW Coins.

If they wish to invest more capital in the services, they will have to buy more TFLOW Coins in order to keep the balance to 90% stable coins-10% TFLOW coins.

The acquisition of TFLOW Coins will take place in the platform at the internal exchange at a rate of 1TFLOW = 1USDT initially. 

When the users earn profits from the TFLOW Services they will get their profits in stable coins. The TFLOW Platform will charge a success fee for these profits but will reward the investors for the success fees they pay by giving back TFLOW coins at a rate of 1TFLOW=1USDT initially.

This will take place until the reward wallet is empty. 

There will only be 250M TFLOW coins. The presale price is set to 0.05 USDT for 1 TFLOW coin After the completion of the presale, a listing at a DEX exchange will follow.

After the completion of the platform, TFLOW will be available in the platform exchange and in tier1 exchanges. The presale will be complete when 40 million TFLOW Coins are sold and 2 million is raised.


TFLOW is the native token of the TFLOW ecosystem. As the ecosystem’s utility token, TFLOW offers to its holders access to the crypto services and to the investment pools.

TFLOW will also be used to offer rewards to the Investors that keep their capital in the TFLOW ecosystem and at the final stage, the holders will be able to invest in the investment pools only with TFLOW coins.  

TFLOW a wealth generator

TFLOW is a coin that will reward its holders. It offers a variety of investment opportunities in diversified revenue streams. As for the crypto market, the state-of-the-art trading bots will offer steady returns with minimum trades, while the lending and staking services will reward the holders.

During bear market periods, the users will be able to allocate their funds to the investment pools and earn annual returns. This offers a unique balance within one ecosystem. 

Early investors will buy the TFLOW Coin at 0.05 BUSD or USDT and will have the opportunity to sell it for 1 USDT or BUSD when the platform exchange opens. 

This will be achieved without the price dropping, due to the large incoming funds that will be directed to the Investment pools and remain there. At the following phase, investment in any service will take place only directly through TFLOW Coins. 


TFLOW Is a next-gen smart DeFi Coin on the Binance Smart Chain that offers access to multiple crypto and traditionalmarket investment services and at the same time greatly rewards its holders.

Any crypto investor that makes a decision to join the TFLOW Ecosystem must be a real blockchain technology believer. TFLOW is a long-term investment that will greatly reward its Holders. 

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Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter | Medium | Telegram TFLOW Announcements: @tflowglobal 

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