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SocialFi Revolution: Insights from UXLINK’s CTO Bob Ng

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In Brief

  • UXLINK has achieved a milestone by surpassing 10 million registered users in the blockchain and SocialFi domains.
  • The project prioritizes authentic social interactions and robust user verification, setting itself apart from other platforms.
  • UXLINK plans to introduce new features and collaborate with ecosystem partners to drive growth in the SocialFi sector.

UXLINK has surpassed 10 million registered users, marking a historic achievement in both the blockchain and SocialFi domains. As the first product in these fields to reach such a user base, UXLINK’s success warrants a deeper look into its strategies.

In an exclusive interview, Bob Ng, the Chief Technology Officer of UXLINK, shared his insights on the competitive field, user metrics, and the future of SocialFi.

UXLINK is a leading user-driven Web3 social platform designed for mass adoption. It aims to be both a social DEX and social infrastructure. Unlike other platforms that only allow one-way following relationships, UXLINK fosters two-way, friend-like social connections. It also enables real-time interactions through its UXGroup feature.

Enhancing User Verification for Authentic Interactions

BeInCrypto: The SocialFi sector is a hot topic now. What unique value proposition does UXLINK offer that sets it apart from other social platforms in the market?

UXLINK’s unique value proposition lies in its focus on authentic social interactions and its robust user verification process. By emphasizing “registered users” instead of just unique wallet addresses, UXLINK ensures that the interactions on its platform are genuine and meaningful. This approach helps to build a trustworthy community, which is essential for social platforms. Additionally, UXLINK vets new users through its invitation-only registration process, enhancing the quality of the user base.

BeInCrypto: What advantages does this provide in understanding your user base?

UXLINK focuses on “registered users” to ensure that its user base reflects real individuals engaging with the platform. This approach addresses issues of fake or sybil wallet addresses that can distort data. By using registered users as a metric, UXLINK can better understand and cater to its actual user base, fostering more meaningful interactions and improving the overall quality of the community.

BeInCrypto: Can you walk us through the process and criteria for verifying and registering a user on UXLINK? How does this ensure the authenticity of your user base?

The verification and registration process on UXLINK involves three stages:

  • Invitation-Based Registration. New users must be invited by existing users or partners, ensuring that new members are connected to the community.
  • Human Interaction Verification. Users must engage in human interaction to prove they are not bots.
  • Product Usage. Users must utilize UXLINK’s products to complete their registration.

This multi-stage process ensures that each user is a real person, significantly reducing the likelihood of fake accounts and enhancing the authenticity of the user base.

Addressing Challenges in SocialFi

BeInCrypto: What are your thoughts on the current trends in SocialFi, and how can UXLINK take advantage of these trends?

Current trends in SocialFi include a focus on decentralization, user privacy, and community-driven growth. UXLINK can take advantage of these trends by leveraging its strong community verification processes and commitment to user privacy. Our approach to incentivizing community contributions through UXUY and its emphasis on authentic social connections align well with these trends, making it a leader in the space.

BeInCrypto: Where is the SocialFi sector currently lagging, and what innovations or improvements are needed to advance the field?

The SocialFi currently lags in addressing sybil attacks and ensuring genuine user interactions. This sector needs innovations in user verification, such as multi-stage registration and human interaction requirements, to improve authenticity.Additionally, enhancing user privacy and security while maintaining transparency is crucial. Developing tools and protocols that make it easier for users to interact and contribute to the community can also advance the field.

BeInCrypto: What measures does UXLINK implement to detect and prevent sybil accounts, and how effective have these measures been?

UXLINK implements a three-step process to detect and prevent sybil accounts:

  • Step one. Based on human verification or access compliance validation, we will identify wallet addresses as false and exclude them from the system. These accounts will not be counted as registered users, and they will not generate UXUY rewards from “link-to-earn”. While this step can block the majority of false accounts, it must not be too stringent to avoid inadvertently harming genuine users.
  • Step two. Upon entering the UXLINK network and generating UXUY rewards, we will further filter based on community contributions and activity levels. For example, if an account remains inactive for six months or fails to successfully claim UXUY, UXLINK will reclaim the rewards and redistribute them within the community to incentivize high-quality users. This reallocation process helps to insure that only users who truly contribute value to the community receive incentives.
  • Step three. Before TGE, the community will conduct another round of anti-sybil measures and announce the methods. They will reintroduce the reclaimed UXUY rewards into the community to incentivize high-quality users.

These measures have been effective in maintaining a high-quality user base and ensuring that community incentives are directed toward genuine users.

BeInCrypto: How does UXLINK ensure user privacy and data security, particularly given the platform’s emphasis on social interaction and connection?

UXLINK ensures user privacy and data security by implementing robust encryption protocols and privacy-preserving technologies. The platform respects user privacy by allowing users to interact without necessarily revealing their identities. UXLINK also follows strict data security practices to protect user information from unauthorized access, ensuring a safe and secure environment for social interactions.

BeInCrypto: How does UXUY function within the UXLINK ecosystem to encourage community growth and interaction?

UXUY functions as an on-chain Proof of Work (POW) score within the UXLINK ecosystem. It incentivizes community growth and interaction by rewarding users for their contributions to the community. Users earn UXUY through defined POW activities, and these rewards can be claimed on-chain. This system encourages active participation and rewards genuine contributions, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

BeInCrypto: How does UXLINK maintain high levels of user engagement and retention, especially in comparison to other platforms?

UXLINK maintains high levels of engagement and retention through its focus on social connections and community contributions. By fostering real-world social relationships and group activities, UXLINK creates a strong sense of community. The platform also incentivizes active participation through UXUY rewards and ensures that contributions are recognized and rewarded. These strategies lead to higher user stickiness and retention rates compared to other platforms.

BeInCrypto: What do you see as the biggest barriers to mass adoption of SocialFi platforms, and how is UXLINK working to overcome these obstacles?

The biggest barriers to mass adoption of SocialFi platforms include user trust, privacy concerns, and the complexity of blockchain technology. UXLINK addresses these obstacles by building a trustworthy community through rigorous verification processes, prioritizing user privacy, and providing user-friendly interfaces. By simplifying interactions and making blockchain technology more accessible, UXLINK aims to overcome these barriers and drive mass adoption.

BeInCrypto: How does UXLINK assess and reward community contributions, and what impact does this have on fostering an active and engaged user base?

UXLINK assesses community contributions through its UXUY POW score, which records and rewards user activities. Contributions are evaluated based on predefined community activities, and users earn UXUY as a result. This rewards system encourages active participation and fosters an engaged user base by recognizing and incentivizing valuable contributions to the community.

Future Prospects and Strategic Collaborations

BeInCrypto:  What upcoming projects or features can UXLINK users look forward to, and how do these align with your vision for the platform’s future?

UXLINK users can look forward to new features that enhance social interactions and community engagement. Upcoming projects include collaborations with ecosystem partners to establish a socialized layer for asset generation and distribution. These developments align with UXLINK’s vision of creating a trustworthy social platform and infrastructure that empowers users and developers alike.

BeInCrypto: How does UXLINK plan to collaborate with other ecosystem partners to enhance its platform and user experience?

UXLINK plans to collaborate with ecosystem partners by integrating their services and technologies into its platform. This will enable users to access a wider range of applications and services seamlessly. By leveraging these partnerships, UXLINK aims to enhance the user experience and provide more value to its community, driving growth and innovation within the SocialFi sector.

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