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Ravendex Launches ISPO Ahead of Staking Protocol Release

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Ravendex, a Cardano crypto project intends to set the records straight by building and developing a host of Defi Services.

These services will include a completely decentralized exchange plat-form on the Cardano ecosystem.

Currently, there are several Cardano-based projects active within the market and each one of them targets a different type of audience. There is none like Ravendex as they are the first project taking full advantage of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

When its ISPO launches, Ravendex will pass a portion of the rewards to deserving delegators who have their ADA staked on Ravendex stake pool. They are currently trading on Bitmart and has recorded a trade volume of over a million dollars. By daily volume, Ravendex is one of the most consistent Cardano native tokens on the chart.

To participate in the ISPO

1: Open your Yoroi wallet (mobile or browser app) and select Staking Center / Delegation List

2: In the search bar type: RaveP

3: Select the RaveP pool that will be shown below and click DELEGATE

4: Ensure that the pool is the same with the one be-low.

RaveP Pool Details:

Pool Name: Ravendex

Pool Ticker: RaveP

When fully launched, Ravendex would have many Novel Features that would in-crease the adoption and Total Value Locked on Cardano Ecosystem. They are currently developing a Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Staking & lending Platform where users can borrow by collateralizing assets.

There is significant potential in Ravendex to quickly grow into one of the biggest decentralized exchange platforms but working entirely for the Cardano ecosystem.

Ravendex Features

1. It will offer a unique and easy to use DEX for Cardano Native Tokens to be traded in a safe and decentralized manner. Ravendex would materialize as a decentralized platform where users can exchange. They can even trade Cardano native tokens without having to worry about security complications.

2. Holding $RAVE token, the native currency on Ravendex will provide users with the opportunity to earn more $RAVE. This will be through staking and yield farming and even obtain rare NFTs. Which will have real utility.

3. It also features a Cardano Native Token Staking Platform where users can Stake Their $Rave tokens to earn more rewards in $RAVE. This will subsequently be able to accept not just Rave but any Cardano Native token.

4. Ravendex ISPO will be coming up shortly as ADA holders can be able to Stake Their ADA to RAVEP pool to earn Rewards $RAVE.

5. An ISPO is a new fundraising mechanism that allows delegators of a POS (Proof-of-Stake) network to divert staking rewards towards a project of their choice and get project tokens in return. ISPOs are only possible on the Cardano blockchain because of its unique stake pool delegation structure.

Ravendex will be utilizing the new innovative defi fundraising model Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPOs).

Delegators who hold a balance in ADA and wish to Stake their ADA and Earn rewards in $RAVE. They can do so by Staking their ADA to RAVEP Stake pool directly from their Yoroi, Daedalus and Name Wallets.

Rave token is currently trading on BitMart.

In order to celebrate this significant listing, Ravendex has announced a trading compe-tition on BitMart Exchange.

About Ravendex

Ravendex, a Cardano startup project that started last year is on a mission to build a Robust, Scalable and Secure Decentralized Exchange on Cardano where users can trade their Cardano Native Tokens without a middleman.

Rave Token the Ravendex protocol will be powered by a single utility token $Rave that will have multiple use cases like:

Staking with an impressive APR of 15%

Governance as $Rave holders will be able to vote on certain proposals that affect the Ravendex Ecosystem.

Their staking protocol when released to the public will be unique in it’s own Form as users can create a Vault, Verify their Address, Choose a pool and stake their $Rave tokens without moving the $Rave assets in the wallet.

Their vision

With a highly experienced development team, Ravendex is on a mission to Develop De-Fi Tailored products that would not only accelerate the Cardano ecosystem, but al-so give value to our products with ground breaking innovate applications on the block-chain.

Ravendex is displaying a huge amount of new development and innovation, With the Staking Platform being one of the first, Ravendex is poised to become the leading DEX on Cardano.

Find them on social media:

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