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Pulse Bomber – A Passive Income Generator

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Pulse Bomber is a new project that has just launched on the Binance Smart Chain and aims to bring a new set of DeFi tokenomics and a revolutionary mining platform to the cryptocurrency space. 

Pulse Bomber is only days old and is already building a substantial following and community because of the appeal of its high ROI passive income potential, in conjunction with its marketing approach. The project has already accumulated a significant marketing budget and has outlined exactly how it plans to utilize it through top cryptocurrency publications, big advertising campaigns, and most importantly, already partnering with the leading crypto marketing agency – Coinpresso.

The Pulse Bomber miner – a high ROI passive income generator

The Pulse Bomber miner is a newly released platform that launched alongside the $PULSEBOMBER token only days ago. The Pulse Bomber development team has created the cryptocurrency mining platform to generate high ROI in a manner that is self-sufficient for a long-term use case.

The cryptocurrency mining platform is currently averaging 10% daily ROI and 3,650% APR for deposits. The collected fees are deposited back into the liquidity pool, helping the miner be sustainable for the long term. For investors looking for a passive income generator, the Pulse Bomber Miner is an easy choice due to its ease of use and high returns. 

Continuous engagement is required for the highest Returns

The miner is made to encourage continuous engagement to prevent it from becoming a set and forget service. The miner works on a 24 hours cycle, with users being advised to return once in every 24-hour window to either make a claim or to use their returns to hire additional miners.

In doing so the service will retain the high ROI returns, and the miners hired will maintain the best efficiency. Users who fail to return to the platform within the 24-hour window and do not make a claim or hire additional miners will experience a steady decline in efficiency from the previously hired miners.

Fees geared towards replenishing the liquidity pool

The service does have some fees that users should know about, with a 5% fee taken from all deposits and a 25% fee taken from all withdrawals but the platform has zero fees for users interacting with the service once initial deposits have been made. In a method that is similar to other platforms, the fees generated are deposited back into the platform’s liquidity pool to ensure the longevity of the miner. 

The crypto mining platform has been designed to run independently and will not need any outside influence or funding assistance. The entire service is geared towards providing a long-term passive income option for the holders of $PULSEBOMBER.

Pulse bombers marketing tokenomics for ongoing growth

Pulse Bomber is an evolution of previous projects and has taken the best tokenomics models in cryptocurrency that are focused on marketing and project growth. The team has taken lessons from the successful and failed projects in the industry and understands the importance of effective marketing, SEO strategies, and cryptocurrency press release distribution.

The tokenomics model allows for ongoing marketing expenditure and also provides the budget for the most effective advertising platforms. The partnership with Coinpresso is a testament to the team’s dedication to making an impact from the start and is using the best-in-class assistance to help achieve their objectives.

Buybacks for Burning 

The tokenomics model is also centered around burning. The development team has the intention to constantly reduce the supply and has created the contract mechanics to increase the value of a holder’s tokens constantly. The big difference between the buyback and burn protocol and burning mechanics seen in other projects is that instead of burning tokens derived from fees, Pulse Bomber uses these fees to buy additional tokens from the open market to burn.

Pulse Bombers vision and plan to move to PulseChain

Pulse Bomber has given itself a head start by building its project on the BSC but is aiming to become a first-mover to the highly anticipated PulseChain as soon as the network goes live in the next few months.

The plan is to build their market cap, grow their community, begin their marketing strategy and when PulseChain does come available, become the premier project on the new chain. History shows that first movers to popular chains experience the most success, and Pulse Bomber aims to take this prime pole position.

Pulse Bomber is still at the very early stages of its journey to PulseChain, and the market cap is still low at $500K. The project has a complete and detailed roadmap, aims to make big waves in the crypto space, and already has the budget to make it happen.

$150K has already been assigned to their marketing wallet with every dollar being utilized to reach a mainstream audience over the coming months. Pulse Bomber is a project that is making the right moves, taking the necessary steps early, and has a big vision with the expert assistance to get there. 

Early investors to a project that is still at an incredibly low price and market cap are going to be the big winners if their eventual move to PulseChain is successful. 

Pulse Bomber on social media: Twitter | Telegram.


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