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Playmex: Now Accepting Beta Registrations for Digital Platform

2 mins
19 October 2021, 20:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
19 October 2021, 20:00 GMT+0000

Playmex is now accepting registrations for beta access to its next-gen cryptocurrency derivatives platform, which will offer NFT markets along with traditional cryptocurrency pairs.

Playmex will shake up the derivatives space with a gamified UX, innovative turbo digital contracts, and real money leaderboard trader battles

What are Playmex turbo digitals?

Turbo digitals are a series of perpetually linked digital options that offer multiple timeframes and odds-based pari-mutuel payouts. With timeframes as low as 60 seconds, this derivatives format offers a supercharged way to trade NFT & cryptocurrency markets without the need to own the underlying token asset.

Three reasons to trade Playmex turbo digitals

1. Smart & easy trading

Turbo digitals offers an easy way to trade ‘candlestick’ price action of underlying cryptocurrency & NFT markets without the need to use complicated trade setups. Traders pick a market timeframe (price candle timeframe), enter an order size, and then click “go long” (green candle prediction) or “go short” (red candle prediction).

Positions open when the digital series contract starts trading (price candle opens) and settle when the contract expires (price candle closes).

Playmex also makes predicting price action easier with its built-in market analytics and signaling tools. These include long/short series sentiment indicators, order book pressure signals, trade volume pressure signals, and whale trade alerts. 

2. Big pari-mutuel payouts

Turbo digital payouts use the pari-mutuel method, which pools all order interests of the same digital series into a single pool, with winning positions receiving a share of the pool on a pro-rata basis. Pari-mutuel payouts can vary depending on the long/short ratio of interest in the specific series contract, with traders often being rewarded with large payouts when trading against the prevailing sentiment, regardless of the size of the price move.

3. Leaderboard prizes

Traders can boost their trading profits by entering daily and weekly leaderboard battles. Playmex will rank participants by their trading win rate % across all markets, with the top-ranked traders sharing in lucrative BTC prize pools.

How to register for the Beta and claim your 10k Sats free bonus?

Playmex is offering beta users a 10K Sats bonus for a limited time only to try the platform for free, register here.

Links: Testnet Demo | Website | Twitter.

Risk Warning: There is no guaranteed profit or return on investment that comes with this service. Trading and using cryptocurrencies involves the risk of loss of capital. It is important that you have adequate financial resources to bear such risks. If you are in any doubt about the risks involved with trading in cryptocurrencies, you should seek professional advice.


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