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Paris Hilton and Cardano Founder Fund Efforts to Resurrect Mammoths

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In Brief

  • Charles Hoskinson participated in an investment round from Colossal, a startup that aims to resurrect the woolly mammoth
  • The company intends to reproduce the prehistoric animal by 2027
  • In addition to Hoskinson, Paris Hilton and other companies also invested in the startup
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Paris Hilton and Charles Hoskinson, founder and leader of Cardano (ADA), have invested in Colossal. It is a startup that aims to resurrect the Mammoth. The prehistoric animal is long dead, however DNA still exists, which makes the idea of bringing the giant creature back to life tantalizingly possible.

Paris Hilton, Hoskinson, and the Mammoth

Created in 2021 by Harvard Medical School professor George Church and businessman Ben Lamm, Colossal is a biotech startup that aims to bring the mammoth, the last recorded species of mammoth, back to life.

In addition to trying to recreate the animal, which became extinct around 10,000 B.C, the company has other conservation projects for species that are currently in danger of extinction, such as the white rhinoceros.

Bringing mammoths to life

According to Colossal, woolly mammoths could be inhabiting our planet as early as 2027. This would be possible thanks to the work of Church, who has been studying ways to bring the animal back to life for 10 years.

The startup is working on a mammoth embryo, made from DNA samples recovered from fossils. In this way, thanks to advances in genetic medicine and technology, it may be possible to resurrect a species that has been extinct for millennia.

Charles Hoskinson invests in the project

The Cardano founder participated in a colossal investment round led by Legendary Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull. Other investors and equity firms also attended the event, including socialite Paris Hilton. Hilton herself is responsible for multiple initiatives in the crypto market.

In total, the company managed to raise 60 million dollars, which will be used for research and carrying out its activities, including the attempt to reproduce mammoths.

Hoskinson did not say how much of his capital he decided to invest in the startup, but he did highlight that blockchain could help Colossal achieve its goals. The technology, according to him, could help the company to capitalize even more resources and be a source of registration of intellectual property of the projects that are being promoted.

A huge crypto enthusiast, Hoskinson is known for always seizing opportunities to promote Cardano. 

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