NEO Price Prediction 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 5 years

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NEO Price Prediction & Forecast
[Updated 3 December 2018]

Thinking of investing in NEO in December 2018? Here are our honest price prediction and forecast.



Update (Dec. 3, 2018): After a tough Q3 2018, NEO (NEO) is back on track as one of the world’s top performing cryptocurrencies. With its unique two token approaches to blockchain technology and the recent addition of two new tokens on the NEO platform designed to support smart contracts more efficiently, NEO is a long-time cryptocurrency favorite. NEO’s current market cap is $497 million USD, and it ranks at 17 on the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. This is down from its previous position of 10, but remains a respectable indicator of NEO’s continued relevance in the cryptocurrency space.


NEO was developed in China by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan as China’s first open-source blockchain platform. Ultimately intended to serve as a smart economy by providing digital assets through smart contracts, NEO is a good solution to China’s focus on peer-to-peer transactions over the past few years.

One of the main goals of the NEO (NEO) ecosystem is to assign a digital value to non-digital assets on the blockchain. Within the NEO network, houses, cars, and any other sort of physical possession can be recorded on the blockchain. The asset is assigned to a specific owner or identity through the use of smart contracts. In this way, NEO aims to enable transparency, immutability, and accessibility.

Each user is assigned a specific digital identity on the network with which to link assets to. A digital identity is valuable for verification and other legal purposes. Registered assets are also protected by law on the network through a validated digital identity system. NEO often refers to this concept as an onchain governance model.

In early Oct 2018, NEO announced the release of two new tokens on its network, the CNEO and CGAS coins. Designed to help facilitate smart contract functionality within the network, they are pegged to the existing NEO and GAS tokens, but with enhanced compatibility with NEP-5, NEO’s smart contract protocol.


Fundamental Analysis

From a fundamental perspective, NEO (NEO) is a strong contender for a top spot in cryptocurrency. It is a solid concept that was introduced into the Asian/China market at a very opportune time when other cryptocurrencies were being banned by Chinese governing bodies due to regulatory concerns.

NEO seeks to do the exact opposite of many other cryptocurrencies in its quest to ensure strict and seamless regulatory compliance. With goals to be not only a smart contract platform but also a comprehensive smart economy in the future, the importance of growing in ways that ensure regulatory compliance cannot be discounted.

NEO has the advantage of being founded and led by Da Hongfei, a Chinese digital currency pioneer who is highly respected in the crypto world as an expert in enterprise adoption as well as regulations. He also designed NEO to be compatible with numerous programming languages, including C++, C#, Python, Java, and Kotlin, demonstrating a strong commitment to creating a user-friendly network.

Technical Analysis

With NEO (NEO) maintaining its spot in the top 10 (out of over 4,000) cryptocurrencies currently in existance through 2018, the currency, commonly referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum,” is a continued success story.

Coming from a respectable $6 USD in mid-2017 following a rebranding that worked wonders for its price (see chart below), NEO followed the rest of the cryptocurrency in an upward trajectory, peaking around $196 USD in January 2018.

However, NEO was one of the poorest performers through the bear market of 2018. Loosing nearly 40 percent in early August, it sank to below $14.50 USD.

While it did recover by the end of August to just above $19.00 USD, the rest of Q3 and into Q4 has not been a positive time for NEO. After a short September rally to prices above $30.00, NEO tanked along with the rest of the cryptocurrency world through September and October 2018. The Nov 5, 2018 Bitcoin Cash hard fork hit NEO especially hard. It hit a low of $6.73 USD on Nov 25, 2018, and has not shown much progress since.

As of Nov 30, 2018, NEO is down 4.58 percent over the past twenty-four hours to $7.89 USD.


Specialists’ Perspective

NEO (NEO) has long been a favorite of cryptocurrency experts due to its ability to enable the reliable digital management of real-world assets. Experts also appreciate the smart economy concept NEO offers, which encourages consumer safety through regulatory compliance.

Coming off a Jan 2018 market cap of over $10 billion USD, NEO has struggled alongside the rest of cryptocurrency over the past year. This unfortunate bear market certainly factors into to expert predictions and long term forecasting.

Smartereum offers one of the most promising forecasts for NEO, putting it over $1,000 USD within five years. However, their bright forecasts do not take into account recent and continued drops in price and market cap. While anything is possible with cryptocurrency, this prediction seems less feasible than other, more realistic outcomes.

Due to its ambitious infrastructure and innovative business plan, Investing PR puts NEO coin price predictions anywhere from $30 to $150 USD in the long term, while taking into account the difficult market NEO finds itself currently in.

NEO has taken a non-traditional approach to security in the already non-traditional Proof-of-Work or the Proof-of-Stake crypto environment. It uses a delegated Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm, designed to decrease vulnerability on the platform, also serves to increase scalability.

Other concerns experts have voiced over NEO’s continued success in China and internationally will most likely have an impact on its price in the future.

Network instability and volume-based transaction delays continue to occur on the network. This is in spite of its claims of high scalability, causing concern for experts and investors alike.

DApp development on the NEO platform is also costly. Currently approaching rates in the thousands of dollars USD, this could be a strong deterrant for potential users. However, if a large scale application launch on NEO’s network, it would be a major boon for the currency’s value.

NEO Price Prediction 2018

NEO (NEO) predictions for 2018 are, overall, not positive, with experts predicting anything from a continued decline, with prices staying well under $10 USD, to a complete tank to zero.

According to WalletInvestor, NEO will not survive the current bear market. As one of the cryptocurrency market’s lowest performers over the past six months, it is understandable that some outlets paint this dismal forecast. We know that not all of the 4,000+ cryptocurrencies are destined to survive in regular market conditions, nevermind the tough times crypto has fallen into in 2018.

However, with the conditions created for cryptocurrency by the Chinese government, and the high level of trust NEO has elicited in Asian markets, it is not likely that this is the end of NEO. In fact, other conditions, including the platform’s accessibility for programming languages, make it a strong prospect, although not profitable in the short term.

Despite some strong opinions to the contrary, the overall market feeling is that the future is positive for NEO, and it will survive these troubled times.

NEO Price Prediction 2019

NEO (NEO) 2019 prices are forecast to reach anywhere from $13.00 to $16.00 USD over the course of the year according to sources such as LongForecast. However, 2019 trends throughout cryptocurrency, are difficult to predict under current market conditions. If there is a strong recovery from this year’s bear market at any point in 2019, we could see NEO rally to numbers as high as $120.00 or even above.

Other contributing factors to NEO’s 2019 performance will involve the success of NEO’s latest additions to their network, the CNEO and CGAS coins, which were generated in early Q4 2018. If they live up to expectations, the NEO platform will be significantly strengthened in the smart contract arena. Both coins have been created to better support smart contracts.

Using blockchain technology for smart contracts is one of the foundational bases of the NEO network as well as an increasingly important part of the cryptocurrency premise as a whole. Therefore, this could be positive news for NEO prices in 2019.

NEO Price Prediction 2020

NEO (NEO) price predictions for 2020 are again fairly speculative, given the current bear market. However, prices from $150 to $200 USD would not be an unreasonable expectation according to experts at UToday.

Long-term predictions are largely predicated on decisions made by the Chinese government. Currently backed and favored by China regulators, NEO is truly in a solid position in China, as well as Asian markets as a whole.

China has issued a plethora of bans and checks on other cryptocurrencies this year alone, leading to crashes from which some currencies never recovered. However, NEO is not only a Chinese government favorite, but it is also already being used widely throughout the country by businesses such as Microsoft China and Alibaba.

With its solid position in the Chinese market, it is likely that NEO is a strong two-year investment.

NEO Price Prediction 5 years

Five-year price predictions for NEO (NEO) are positive, with some specialists considering highs of up to $450 for the price of NEO. Several factors come into play, above and beyond the instability of cryptocurrency markets, when making long-term predictions of the NEO price.

First, NEO poised itself as the network of choice for a number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2018. With the number of ICOs still rising exponentially, NEO is in a good position to benefit from the continued success of ICOs.

Also, NEO has proven itself to be amicable with the regulatory requirements in China. This is no small feat in a notoriously crypto-unfriendly environment. While things could change at any time at the government level, the collaborative relationship NEO has cultivated with China is a definite point in NEO’s favor.

One of NEO’s major risk factors is potential competition. With average transaction speeds of 15 seconds and a lackluster approach to branching beyond the needs of China, it is possible that other coins could overtake the stronghold NEO currently has on the Chinese market.

However, given NEO’s clear commitment to meeting consumer and industry needs in China, a five-year plan to buy NEO and hold is likely a solid investment.

Our Prediction

At BeinCrypto, our current prediction for NEO (NEO) to reach $200.00 in the next few years is based on the solid upward movement of the coin since its 2014 inception. Despite the terrible performance in 2018, we have considered the long-term potential of NEO reaching its goals and becoming a digital smart economy platform in China and beyond, and are cautiously confident that NEO is a more than solid long-term investment.


Period NEO Price Forecast
Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
2018 $10.00 $0.00
2019 $120.00 $13.00
2020 $200.00 $150.00
5 years $450.00 $150.00

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be used as personal investment advice, nor is it information from a qualified investment advisor. Cryptocurrency is a notoriously risky investment, and it is possible to lose everything. Please conduct your own research and investigation prior to investing in cryptocurrency.

What do you think of our NEO price prediction? Let us know in the comments below! 

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