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MagnetAI Launches First-Ever ModelFi Protocol to Revolutionize the AI Economy

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MagnetAI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first ModelFi protocol, a user-centric AI and Web3 framework designed to revolutionize the AI economy.

By combining AI with Web3 technology, MagnetAI overcomes the industry’s most significant challenges, offering financial opportunities for creators, users and investors through the tokenization of AI models.

Redefining the AI Economy

MagnetAI addresses one of the most hotly debated topics throughout the evolution of AI: balancing rapid commercial expansion with decentralized and community-driven initiatives. Based on the OpenAI example, the “AI Economy Life Cycle” guides the development of AI initiatives in three distinct phases:

Traditional AI Economy Lifecycle by MagnetAI

  1. Foundation Phase:
    Startups’ journey into the AI ecosystem usually begins with the Foundation Phase, where they develop their initial products and attract their first users, focusing on foundational scientific research.
  1. Expansion Phase:
    After securing funding, startups progress to the Expansion Phase. Here, startups aiming to attract a broader user base and expand their communities emphasize their value propositions and may launch commercial models.
  1. Profit Phase:
    Once projects are successfully commercialized, they continue enhancing their capabilities and transitioning into profit-oriented entities. Then, they often return to the Foundation Phase to refine their existing products or diversify their offerings, perpetuating a cycle of continuous improvement and growth.

As ventures establish their commercialization models, they increasingly rely on central resources, leading to complete centralization in terms of ownership, development and value extraction. Recognizing the pivotal role of this life cycle in the AI economy, MagnetAI is developing alternative growth models through ModelFi.

ModelFi and MagnetAI Trinity Product Matrix

Introduced globally for the first time by MagnetAI, the ModelFi protocol enables the tokenization, trading and sharing of AI models, bots, brokers and even knowledge bases.

With ModelFi, AI startups leverage Web3 technologies to deploy innovative strategies throughout their economic lifecycle, from development to profitability.

The newly proposed lifecycle of the AI economy, includes a comprehensive range of products designed to facilitate mutual benefits for AI developers and users within a decentralized and open AI economy.

Here’s how MagnetAI Trinity works in the AI economy lifecycle.

MagnetAI Trinity, scheduled for release in July, comprises three stages: Model Store, Model Economy and Model Network.

  1. Model Store:

Model Store serves as a decentralized AI marketplace linking AI developers with users. Creators can deploy blockchain-verifiable AI services, reaching millions. Innovative features such as PricePerMessage, Chat2Earn and Follow2Earn drive early traffic and visibility, empowering creators to gain traction quickly.

  1. Model Economy:

Model Economy empowers AI creators to tokenize their offerings, enabling quick fundraising and public investment to support future development and build an engaged community. Additionally, token owners enjoy shared ownership benefits, including revenue sharing, governance rights and other advantages.

  1. Model Network:

Model Network boosts resource efficiency by providing access to a variety of computing infrastructures. It integrates Web2 clouds, Web3 GPU sharing platforms and inference API-driven virtual nodes into a unified framework that supports MagnetAI’s foundational and profit-generating activities within the ModelFi ecosystem.

MagnetAI’s product strategy promotes the sustainable development of AI projects through a decentralized, community-driven approach. ModelFi represents a cutting-edge concept to optimize this lifecycle, leveraging Web3 technologies to encourage continuous improvement and expansion.

Shaping AI’s Future with Strategic Partnerships

MagnetAI has formed strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions and technology providers to enhance its platform’s capabilities. Through these collaborations, MagnetAI integrates advanced technologies and offers exclusive market insights.

The project has also completed a $2 million angel funding round and is actively developing its innovative solutions which are scheduled to launch in July. The funds will accelerate the development of MagnetAI’s comprehensive suite of products, aiming to empower AI creators and users globally.

MagnetAI is dedicated to fostering a shared economy that generates value by enabling collaboration among various stakeholders and target groups. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology and committing to excellence, MagnetAI is set to revolutionize the investment landscape.

To participate in this transformative journey, MagnetAI invites ecosystem participants to join and engage with the community to gain early access.

About MagnetAI

MagnetAI is a leading technology company in Web3 that combines blockchain-based technology with AI solutions to create a new AI economy. MagnetAI introduces the first ModelFi protocol, providing financial opportunities for AI creators, users and investors through tokenization and the principle of shared ownership of AI services.

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