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John McAfee: Is the Crypto Evangelist Still Alive? Ex-Girlfriend Says Yes

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Updated by Nicole Buckler

In Brief

  • Crypto evangelist John McAfee committed suicide in a Spanish jail last year
  • Or did he? There has been new doubt cast on his death
  • On the run for murder and tax evasion, many believe he is still alive
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John McAfee is still hitting headlines, even after his death. Or, should that be his “death.”

Netflix has put out a new documentary called Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee. Already, it has set hundreds of conspiracy theories in motion.

In the documentary, the filmmakers investigate the mysterious death of the crypto evangelist. But.. did he die at all?

The documentary maker managed to get an interview with his ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera, who claims that McAfee is still alive and living in Texas.

In the documentary, Herrera says, “I don’t know if I should say, but two weeks ago, after his death, I got a call from Texas: ‘It’s me, John. I paid off people to pretend that I am dead, but I am not dead.’”

Herrera claims McAfee said to her, “there are only three persons in this world that know I’m still alive.” He then asked her to run away with him.

John McAfee and Herrera

Herrera claims that their relationship started when she was 18. They lived in Belize until someone shot their next-door neighbor, Florida man Gregory Faull. John McAfee was the prime suspect after being known for having arguments with Faull.

Herrera’s relationship with McAfee ended when McAfee had a heart attack and was returned to the USA. He was then arrested there, leaving Herrera at the border.

In the documentary, Herrera says, “His side of the story is that they’re after him because he didn’t pay off the government. They wanted to hurt him, to get rid of him.”

John McAfee and Janice Dyson

The film claims that McAfee went on to marry ex-prostitute Janice Dyson. Alas. McAfee soon had to continue his escape from authorities. He made it to Europe but was arrested in Spain and taken into custody. While in a Spanish prison, McAfee committed suicide in June 2021.

Before his suicide however, while in a Spanish jail, McAfee tweeted that if he died in jail, it wouldn’t be his own doing.

Meanwhile, wife Janice is still trying to get his body returned from Spain. It has been in a morgue for over a year. Which for conspiracy theorists, is amazing fodder. They say it isn’t really his body in the morgue.

Jan still tweets to get back her husband’s body and do an independent autopsy.


The Documentary

Filmmaker Charlie Russell says McAfee invited him to come on the run with him and make the film. After an elaborate plan to meet blindfolded in Switzerland failed, the interviews actually took place online. Running with the Devil was pieced together from the footage.

Social media obviously lit up at the thought of McAfee still being alive.

John McAfee Herrera: Is it the Truth?

When asked about Herrera’s claims that McAfee had called her after his death, Russell stated that he did not know what to think.

“She says it and then she looks at the camera and I can’t work out if she thinks it is real or not.”

John’s millionaire widow Janice McAfee refutes the claims of Herrera. 

“Oh, how I wish that were true. If John were alive, I’m sure he wouldn’t be hiding in Texas.”

The crypto evangelist and probable murderer might still be alive. Let’s watch this space. Stranger things have happened in both the crypto sphere and on Netflix.

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