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Technical Business Development Lead
at Status
6 months ago | 728 views | 2 applications

Technical Business Development Lead


About the company

Status is building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3. As a product, Status is an open-source, Ethereum-based app that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a revolutionary world of DApps on the decentralized web. With the high-level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute. As an organization, Status seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open source community.

Job Summary

Key responsibilities:

📍Build external partnerships, shape value propositions and support product development with real-world use cases. 📍Maintain regular communication with major partners and drive new partnerships and strategic initiatives. 📍Strategically plan business development efforts, segment the market, develop BD assets, conduct outreach through various channels, maintain a clear and visible activity pipeline and assist hands-on in onboarding new projects that use Waku. 📍Contribute to financial planning, explore revenue growth opportunities, understand tokenomics for growth, and leverage that to drive adoption of the protocol. 📍Manage product integrations, coordinate with project teams regularly, and provide valuable insights to the R&D team. 📍This opening may lead to a growth lead role if the candidate has leadership experience and familiarity working closely with marketing teams.


📍5+ years work experience in business development and partnerships. Preferably at least a few years of experience in protocol level growth and partnerships in web3. 📍Technical background in software development or working with technical products. 📍Proven track record of win-win partnerships in web3. 📍Strong multitasking and lead qualification skills; Self-motivated with the ability to work autonomously. 📍Excellent written and verbal English & communication skills 📍Proficient in asynchronous communication and remote work. 📍Have passion for blockchain and decentralized technologies and understand how they work 📍Experience working with protocol-type products and a deep understanding of tokenomics, including how they can support the costs of underlying infrastructure. 📍Have a strong alignment to our principles

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