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$150,000 TO $186,300 PER YEAR

About Company

The global financial ecosystem is changing. Revolutionary blockchain technology has unlocked the potential for people around the world to have more equal access to wealth and information. This transformation has begun with the mass global adoption of cryptocurrencies but like all new financial systems, it needs greater trust to realize its full potential and remain safe from bad actors. That’s where we come in. The Chainalysis blockchain data platform enables businesses, governments, and banks to solve the world’s most high-profile criminal cases, paving the way for an economy built on blockchains.

Job Description

The sales team responsible for our US Private Sector customers helps organizations safely expand and develop their operations into the crypto ecosystem by providing them the solutions and information they need to make compliant and intelligent data driven decisions. This team also works with private sector firms trying to understand and disrupt ransomware and other cyber crimes by tracking and investigating activities that involve cryptocurrency. We’re experts on the “why” and the “how” with deep relationships and knowledge of navigating complex and multi dimensional sales processes. Sales Directors are servant leaders dedicated to enabling their team and yet still enjoy the thrill of creating a calculated account plan and then closing a deal. Charged with leading a team of high-performing sales reps and hiring as needed to meet increasing market demand, you know how to attract exceptional talent, evaluate sales skills, and run a hiring process that is lean and leaves a positive impression on every candidate. We measure your success by your ability to accurately forecast revenue and hit (read: exceed) quotas with maximum engagement from your team. In one year you’ll know you were successful if… You’ve developed a winning team who are exceeding their quota and objectives. You’ve up-skilled the team’s ability to drive sales wins by participating in and leading client and prospect meetings. Stakeholders across the sales teams and rest of the company trust you and are eager to support and provide resources to your team. You’ve built transparent and valuable relationships with your team and have developed an effective and efficient strategy for recruiting, hiring, and training new Account Executives on the sales motion at Chainalysis. Your team has a reliable cadence for rhythm for forecast meetings and each team member’s forecast is accurate and documented in Salesforce. Your team’s closure rates have increased and customer churn has decreased because of your direct coaching and mentorship. Senior sales management can trust and rely on your forecasts and sales activity to inform the overall sales strategy across the business. You know the intricacies of your teams’ sales activity and track the results to inform your forecasts and individual development plans. A background like this helps: Recent experience managing and closing complex SaaS sales within US Private Sector customers associated with Fintech and Financial services are a plus. Experience managing the sales cycle from pipeline creation to complex security reviews and procurement. Key industry knowledge and ability to effectively articulate the Chainalysis value proposition Track record of over-achieving quota (top 10-20% of company) in past positions Ability to negotiate pricing, terms and conditions and other concessions in complex, multi-year SaaS sales agreements. History of scaling and coaching high-performing and diverse sales teams Experience with Financial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and/or Cryptocurrency technologies