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Iran Refutes Europe’s Allegations of Responsibility for Saudi Oil Field Attacks

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The foreign minister of Iran has refuted claims by European leaders that the nation is behind the recent drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil refining facilities. Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif says the UK, Germany, and France are just repeating the absurd claims of the United States.
Zarif took to Twitter earlier today to respond to the European leaders’ claims that Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure that took place this month. An oil field and processing facility were hit by eighteen drones and seven cruise missiles on September 14. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States believe Iran is responsible for the attacks. The U.S. is reportedly sending additional troops to the Gulf nation in response. However, Iran has previously warned against any military action regarding the attacks. Leaders there have stated that the nation is ready to respond to any such military aggression. The European leaders made their allegations against Iran yesterday in a joint statement while attending the UN General Assembly in New York. The statement asserted that it is time for Iran to accept negotiations over its missile program. Saudi Arabia Oil   UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had initially attacked the 2015 nuclear accord between the UN and Iran, stating that it was a bad deal and that Donald Trump was much better suited to negotiating a new one. However, the UK government later reasserted that it was indeed committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA). Meanwhile, Iran says that there will be no such negotiation of a new deal between itself and the world powers. Zarif accuses the European leaders of not fulfilling their obligations to the 2015 accord without the US’s blessing. He said there must be compliance with the previous deal before a new one could be negotiated. Iran USA Tensions between Iran and the U.S. flared up once again following Trump’s withdrawal from the accord last year and the re-imposition of economic sanctions against the nation. Despite the U.S. backing out of the JCPoA and European leaders agreeing that Iran was behind the recent drone attacks, the leaders of the UK, France, and Germany have expressed continued commitment to the 2015 nuclear accord. What do you think about the ongoing tensions in Iran? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject below.
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