Google Chrome is Adding New Security Features

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According to Google’s recent blog post, the company’s browser, Google Chrome, is adding several new security features, including a warning for compromised usernames and passwords.

Google recently announced that it is bringing another ser of features to Chrome, with a strong focus on security and privacy of the user. For example, when a user tries to log into a website, the browser will detect the username and password and warn the user if their credentials were previously compromised in a data breach. In addition, if the user re-uses the same login credentials on multiple websites, Chrome will suggest changing them for better security.

Google points out that the company was working on adding such features for a long time. They started working on it in February of this year and were able to add the new measures two months ago, in October.

What New Features Should Users Expect?

The company recognized that phishing is one of the greatest threats to unsuspecting users, which is why it also included phishing protection that works in real-time. Chrome already had something similar, and many have likely experienced a warning about entering a potentially dangerous website that might try to steal user data.

However, the new feature will have increased sensitivity to such threats, and it is 30% more likely to recognize a threat. Next, Chrome will also monitor where users enter their Google Account password. It will pay extra attention to stop users from revealing their credentials on a suspicious site. This option existed in the past, although it was only available to those who enabled Chrome’s sync feature, which will not be a requirement this time.

Google is also concerned regarding a user’s tendency to save logins, especially if they use shared computers or different profiles. Now, the company added a few changes to the UI (User Interface), which will make it easier for users to understand if they are about to save their logins.

The new features are a welcome addition to Chrome and are bound to increase the security of the browser’s users. However, many of these features already existed in various password managers, such as the password tracker and the warning that users would receive if they were trying to use the same password on different sites.

Regardless, many would likely prefer to have the same features without having to rely on a separate app such as password managers. Thanks to the new updates, that will not be possible. All of the features will arrive over the course of the next few weeks.

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