CEO Brendan Blumer has publically responded to allegations that EOS block producers (BPs) have been colluding and mutually voting.

Blumer did not deny nor condone such practices.

Accusations of collusion stem primarily from what claims to be a leaked Huobi spreadsheet from Eosone — which apparently featured tables like “node mutual voting table” and “node income statement.”

‘Decentralize Everything’

EOS has previously come under scrutiny for its apparent lack of decentralization, despite claiming that the project’s plan is to ‘decentralize everything.’ The platform has 21 block producers, of which 12 are Chinese.

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It is BeInCrypto‘s view that EOS is not exactly a shining example of decentralization.

‘Completely Predictable’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin took to Twitter to comment on the allegations, unsurprisingly bashing the self-professed ‘Ethereum killer.’

Saying Nothing

Blumer essentially provided a non-answer to the question of collusion among EOS block producers. Instead, the CEO merely provided some PR speech.

Not everyone shares his optimism.

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