Bitcoin price movements have become less erratic in the past two months. The market-leading cryptocurrency’s volatility is the lowest it has been in eight weeks.

By all metrics, it seems as though Bitcoin’s price movements are slowing down and becoming less erratic.

Could this just be the calm before the perfect storm for the leading cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Volatility Lowest in Eight Weeks

Bitcoin’s price movements seem to be getting tamer as the summer goes on, according to 30-day volatility metrics. The metric fell to ’64’ this weekend — the lowest level since June 25.

However, what’s amusing is that even Bitcoin’s volatility metrics seem to be wholly unpredictable: the 30-day figure dropped 50 percent from its local peak of 131 on July 19. Bitcoin may be getting ‘tamer’ in its price movements, but it’s happening so suddenly that it feels somehow more volatile than usual.

Another way to judge volatility is to look at monthly ranges and, as reported by Forbes, this has also been getting tighter. The measure fell to its lowest level since March of this year while oscillating between a 20 percent zone from the median. This is a sharp contrast to June — when the monthly range had chaotic 70 percent swings at the most.

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We’ve Seen This Before

This behavior is nothing new from Bitcoin and any seasoned trader would be foolish to believe Bitcoin has been ‘tamed.’ In fact, Bitcoin reached extremely low volatility levels in March. It was then that the leading cryptocurrency seemed to barely budge, oscillating in an accumulation zone around the $3900-$4100 price level. However, Bitcoin then popped upwards soon after, resulting in one of the most volatile next few months on record — eventually reaching a local high of around $13,000.

Therefore, if Bitcoin is following the same pattern of low-volatility as we saw in March, we could be in for a major, unexpected move in the coming months. With a classic wedge formation forming on the monthly chart, we may expect some turbulence in September before a major move by year’s end.

Do you believe that this period of low volatility is just the calm before the storm for Bitcoin? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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