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B2Broker Presents a New Match-Trader White Label Solution

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Having integrated cTrader in 2022, B2Broker – a recognized market leader in providing technology and liquidity solutions for Forex and crypto markets, has continued to expand its product portfolio, with Match-Trader being the most recent addition that has been made.

B2Broker, a global provider of liquidity and technology for the FX and cryptocurrencies markets, is extending its white label liquidity service with the integration of Match-Trader. Through this new integration, clients will be able to take advantage of a full white label solution, fiercely competitive ads, and a ready-made integration with B2Core. This integration provides an example of B2Broker’s commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible services to its clients.

Match-Trader Platform based on the White Label Model

A white label Match-Trader solution has been released on January 31, 2023 by B2Broker in order to offer brokers and their customers a brand-new trading experience. Using the new offering, brokers will be able to reduce their costs by consolidating all essential technology into one package. There is also access to the Prime of Prime liquidity pool, which is provided by B2Broker, as well as B2BinPay (a crypto-payment processing solution), and B2Core (a CRM system). As a result of all of these features, the new Match-Trader white label package is certain to become a smash hit within the brokerage industry.

The Match-Trader white label makes online trading easy with its wide range of features and services. This comprises round-the-clock server support and tech assistance, devoted account managers, and the company’s knowledge to guide you through the brokerage environment. To make sure that your staff is completely up to speed with the technology, training sessions are also offered as part of the white label package.

Business owners looking to benefit from competitive trading commissions and favorable volume charges will find the Match-Trader white label the perfect solution. Plus, it’s free to configure the platform, and no setup fee is required. All customers need to do as an initial investment is pay a minimum three-month liquidity fee. As an additional benefit, these customers are entitled to a grace period of one whole calendar month in addition to the remaining days remaining since the set-up date as far as monthly liquidity and connectivity are concerned.

B2Core and Match-Trader

In addition to the white label solution, Match-Trader is already integrated with B2Core by B2Broker. The operation of Match-Trader in the B2Core ecosystem will be identical to that of other platforms. By giving customers the option to open/manage trading accounts directly in the trader’s room and instantly connect to the platform, brokers are able to provide the same high-quality experience to their clients.

Setting up a margin trading account with Match-Trader via B2Core is not too difficult. You must first create a user account for all your trading accounts that will act as their connection. Your margin trading account can be connected to Match-Trader once the user account has been set up.

A number of new features and capabilities are promised by the Match-Trader area that the B2Core team has recently added to their Platforms tab. Users are able to test out various trading methods in real time by setting up both demo and live accounts. Additionally, the site now supports deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transactions. Furthermore, it is now simpler to access the platform and begin trading thanks to the new download button for the dedicated Match-Trader terminal.

Concluding Remarks

Brokers looking to give their customers a comprehensive online trading experience will find B2Broker’s integration with Match-Trader exciting and robust. Any business that wishes to take advantage of advanced technology will benefit from the package, as it provides a suite of powerful tools at its fingertips.

It is anticipated that Match-Trader will be integrated into IB’s programming in the near future, bringing with it an array of new opportunities. By connecting Match-Trader with IB, traders have access to a wide range of professional-grade trading options that suit their trading needs, regardless of their business size or complexity.

Moreover, Match-Trader is connected to B2Core, enabling brokers to offer their clients the best of both worlds on one platform.. A white label solution such as Match-Trader from B2Broker may be an interesting option for your company given the extensive features and functionality it offers.

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