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AirDAO has announced overhaul of tokenomics layin the foundation for a thriving web3 and DeFi ecosystem

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AirDAO is a community-governed layer-one blockchain with a suite of web3 dApps accessible through the AirDAO Dashboard, all powered by the AMB token. The upgraded AirDAO Tokenomics lays out the changes coming to AirDAO throughout 2023.

The tokenomics upgrade assures the success of the next phase of AirDAO and kickstarts the transition to community-based governance with the implementation of DAO voting. The update to the rewards structure guarantees the long-term security of the network, with enhanced rewards for validator nodes; the addition of a liquid staking solution ensures all community members can contribute towards securing the network due to its lower barriers to entry.

Other changes include the Bond Marketplace, which guarantees sustainable protocol-owned liquidity for the AirDAO ecosystem. The institution of a max token supply, with a goal for an eventual deflationary supply, is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem—and AirDAO will implement several burning mechanisms to accomplish this.

Together, these updates establish AirDAO as a community-driven Layer 1 project, set in motion the plan for a deflationary AMB token supply, and ensure the stability of the network for the long term with an upgraded rewards structure. The AirDAO community will decide whether the new, upgraded tokenomics are implemented via DAO governance, utilizing a transparent voting process using Snapshot.

Since launching in September 2022, AirDAO has released the initial products that form the backbone of the fledgling ecosystem and serve as a foundation for further development. These include the AirDAO Bridge, enabling the cross-chain transfer of assets to Ethereum and BNB Chain, and AirDAO Staking. AirDAO products also include a network explorer to view wallets, transactions, and tokens. All released products are accessible through the flagship product, the AirDAO Dashboard.

The AirDAO Dashboard streamlines the DeFi experience into an intuitive, all-in-one interface—unlocking the power of the dApps (Decentralized Applications) within by making the user experience as straightforward as possible. This simplicity-focused approach is reflected in the first dApp released on the dashboard—FirepotSwap—A DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that refines the usually complicated DeFi trading experience into a simple swap of assets and gives users the ability to stake tokens with one click and earn rewards.

AirDAO’s community focus extends to the unique governance structure of the DAO, where all community members will have an equal say in how the ecosystem and blockchain are run while having leadership teams empowered to enact changes efficiently.


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