Wine Spies Mints Collection of NFTs Backed by Bottles of Wine

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In Brief
  • Wine Spies is releasing a collection of NFTs backed by real-world bottles of wine.

  • Via its Enigma wine brand, Wine Spies claims to be the first to mint NFTs tied to wine and auction them off publicly.

  • The auction runs from August 3-15 on OpenSea.

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The Enigma brand of wine, a label owned by Wine Spies, is selling five bottles of red wine via a non-fungible token (NFT) auction. 



Wine Spies, a company that was created to “secure special, top Secret deals on the world’s best wines,” has released what they claim is a world-first. Via Wine Spies’ Enigma brand, the company has minted a collection of NFTs that are backed by matching real-world bottles of red wine. What makes the sale even more interesting is the bottles of wine involved. The Enigma brand was created to find and sell the highest quality of wines but, with a catch. According to their website, “We find amazing wines from highly respected producers/winemakers. Who they are must remain shrouded in secrecy.” The brand does business with prominent wineries and winemakers with strict non-disclosure-agreements in place to protect the provenance of their new wines. 

According to the founder of Wine Spies, Jason Seeber, “In our nearly 15 years in the wine trade, Wine Spies has developed deep and lasting relationships with the best wineries in the world. We approached one of our favorite elite producers, and together we created our first vintage of Enigma. We’d love to reveal our winemaking partners, but a good spy knows not to burn their sources.”



Enigma Wine NFT Collection

The idea behind Enigma came from the WWII spycraft machines that bear the same name. Enigma machines were machines used to pass coded messages from the Nazis, and the wine brand is inspired by the English code breakers hell-bent on stopping them. Each bottle of Enigma wine has a cipher key printed into the cork and can be used in conjunction with a digital code breaking machine to reveal secret messages to buyers. As far as the NFT collection goes, it will contain two different types of wines. First is the Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 that was sourced from a multi-100 point winemaker. The second wine to be auctioned off is a Santa Barbara Rose of Grenache 2019. The announcement adds that future releases of Enigma wine will follow the same formula and will continue to keep collaborators a secret.

Each of the five bottles of wine sold will be labeled normally but, the label on the back will correspond with an NFT that can be bought on OpenSea. The auction runs from August 3 – August 15 with the highest bidders taking ownership of their NFTs on the Ether blockchain. Additionally, a physical bottle of wine will be sent to each winner to enjoy or display as they see fit.


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