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Uniswap in Talks With 7 Lending Platforms to Build ‘NFT Financialization’

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In Brief

  • Uniswap is currently in talks with 7 NFT lending platforms to create NFT financialization.
  • According to Uniswap the move would solve “liquidity fragmentation and information asymmetry” in the space.
  • The move continues Uniswap’s further expansion into the NFT sector.
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The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap is currently in talks with seven NFT lending protocols to bring about NFT financialization.

The comments came in a tweet from Scott Lewis on Tuesday, Uniswap’s Head of NFT Product.

Unlocking liquidity

Uniswap is seeking to work with a number of NFT lending protocols to combat two major issues within the space as the AMM seeks to become the interface for all NFT liquidity.

“We are now in talks with 7 NFT lending protocols,” said Lewis in a tweet Tuesday. “We will be working with each one to solve for liquidity fragmentation and information asymmetry. This is the first step to building NFT financialization.”

NFT lending platforms allow proud JPEG owners to take out a loan against their assets, providing them with immediate liquidity while retaining their assets in the longer term. 

While Lewis was keen to expound on the benefits of Uniswap’s involvement in the space, he was rather more reticent when it came to naming the specific players involved, leaving the community ample room for speculation.

Uniswap and NFTs

Uniswap has been making significant inroads into the NFT space recently, with the company acquiring NFT aggregator Genie in June. Genie allows users to search for and trade NFTs across multiple platforms with the promise of saving customers time and money.

Now Uniswap is apparently seeking to repeat the trick with NFT lending, promising deeper liquidity and better information. 

As Uniswap previously stated after Genie’s acquisition, the company is seeking to integrate NFTs “into our products, starting with the Uniswap web app, where soon you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs across all major marketplaces.”

If Uniswap can also pull off the trick with NFT liquidity it could witness the company becoming a major player in the space.

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