Optimistic Ethereum Unveils One-Click Layer 2 Deployment

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Ethereum scaling solutions provider Optimism has detailed its latest upgrade which will make deploying to Layer 2 much easier for developers.



In a blog post on Sept 18, Optimistic Ethereum revealed that it was in the process of developing a way to deploy smart contracts onto its platform with just a click.

Currently, building and testing Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible software and protocols takes time and effort. Developing rollups are even more challenging, it added, as there are more potential security issues with every new line of code added.



Optimism has embarked on the mission of trimming code and scaling down the amount needed to get the job done and keep potential security threats at a minimum.

One-click Layer 2 implementation

The firm claims to have built a rollup which “extends beyond EVM compatibility, to EVM equivalence.” It added that it has worked from Ethereum’s yellow paper to provide a solution for one of its most popular clients, Geth.

“The upgrade removes our custom compiler, and over 25,000 lines of other code, in favor of simply using what already exists.”

It added that by building on top of an existing Ethereum client it can inherit any improvements made to Ethereum client code and vice versa which is better for the overall ecosystem. Optimism’s ultimate goal is to make alternative node implementations possible with fewer than one thousand lines of code.

With that said, it added that one-click smart contract deployment will be coming in October. This means that Ethereum-based projects can deploy to Optimism without changing their code, “any tooling that can run on Ethereum will run identically on Optimistic Ethereum.”

The upgrade could put Optimism at the top of the list of choices for L2 deployment which would expand its own ecosystem and is also good for Ethereum users wanting to save on those painful transaction fees.

State of the Layer 2s

According to Dune Analytics, the Optimism Ethereum bridge has a total value locked of $37 million, though this figure is lower compared to more popular L2 platforms, with Arbitrum leading the pack.

Arbitrum’s bridge has a whopping $2.7 billion in collateral locked, largely due to the FOMO surrounding a yield farm that launched on Sept 13. The Arbitrum sequencer went down last week for 45 minutes due to a bug when it was temporarily overloaded.    

Polygon’s ERC-20 bridge is the second largest in terms of TVL with $2.3 billion followed by the Avalanche Bridge with $1.9 billion.

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