Matter Labs Unveils Ethereum L2 Scaling Breakthrough with 20,000 TPS

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14 April 2021, 05:09 GMT+0000
Updated by Kyle Baird
14 April 2021, 05:09 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • Current L2 solutions will suffer under increased demand.
  • zkPorter claims that it's 1000x faster than current L1.
  • Gas prices are creeping up again as ETH hits new highs.
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Researchers at Matter Labs have found a way to make Layer 2 scaling for Ethereum even faster with an innovation called zkPorter.

In an April 13 announcement, Layer 2 solutions provider Matter Labs unveiled its latest efforts for increasing throughput on the Ethereum network.

The platform is called zkPorter. The Matter Labs team described it as “an engine for mass crypto adoption” that will “reshape the entire L2 landscape.”

The blog post pointed out that those working on Layer 2 Ethereum should be aware that improvements may be tricky. This is because any real increase in throughput will quickly get eaten up by increased demand. It used the analogy of adding another lane to a highway resulting in more cars getting on the road.

In the same way, more throughput means more trading, more non-fungible tokens (NFT), and more creative use cases for Ethereum.

20,000 Ethereum Transactions Per Second

The announcement stated that rollups in their current state can only offer a linear increase in throughput. Data must still be propagated to all full nodes. True scalability requires an exponential gain in throughput.

“That’s why we believe this is such an important breakthrough. We have designed a system with 20,000+ TPS that offers more security than optimistic rollups.”

It revealed that compared to Ethereum L1, optimistic rollups will only offer around a 25x increase in scalability while zkRollups can provide a 100x increase.

“Crypto is about to go mainstream. And in a world with 3.8 billion smartphones (compared to Metamask’s 3 million monthly active users), we need a 1000x increase to handle what’s coming.”

In order to achieve this Matter Labs will divide its current L2 solution zkSync into two sides—zkRollup with on-chain data availability and zkPorter with off-chain data availability.

It added that both parts will be composable and interoperable and contracts and accounts on the zkRollup side will be able to seamlessly interact with accounts on the zkPorter side, and vice versa.

The Matter Labs team is working to make the zkPorter system production-ready in six months. It will be available on its next-generation smart contracts platform, zkSync 2.0, it added.

State of the gas

At the time of writing gas costs were climbing again as Ethereum touched another new price high.

BitInfoCharts is reporting an average transaction cost of $17. Etherscan states that more complex operations like token swapping and smart contract interactions currently cost as much as $60.


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