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Google Moves Deeper Into Blockchain With LayerZero Deal

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In Brief

  • Blockchain protocol LayerZero partners with Google Cloud, becoming the default oracle for cross-chain messages.
  • Partnership raises concerns about potential trade-offs in decentralization for optimal security in LayerZero.
  • Google Cloud-LayerZero alliance furthers Google's Web3 strategy, following partnerships with other Web3 firms.
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Blockchain interoperability protocol LayerZero has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, making it the default oracle for cross-chain messages.

Many believe that multiple blockchains will co-exist in the future. Hence, secure communication between these chains is necessary for a seamless developer and user experience.

Google Cloud Becomes Default Verifier For LayerZero

On Tuesday, the LayerZero team announced its partnership with Google Cloud. This partnership will enable LayerZero users to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure by default for every message. LayerZero Labs wrote on X (Twitter):

“The Google Cloud oracle is a purpose built verifier that is available today to all LayerZero applications and will be configured as the default as of Sept. 19th.”

LayerZero announced its partnership with Google Cloud. Source: X (Twitter)
LayerZero announced its partnership with Google Cloud. Source: X (Twitter)

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As a result of this partnership, some community members were concerned that it would affect the decentralization aspect of LayerZero. An X (Twitter) user questioned the CEO of LayerZero Labs, Bryan Pellegrino:

“I hope this move doesn’t trade off decentralization in the quest for optimal security in the long run.”

To which Pellegrino clarified:

“Of course not, goal has always been maximum optionality for the end developer / application. Many will want this, for many others it will be one piece of the stack (combine this with Polyhedra Network, TSS, or any other oracle) to create your own security stack.”

The announcement has also increased speculations about a possible LayerZero airdrop among community members.

The community anticipates a LayerZero airdrop. Source: X (Twitter)
The community anticipates a LayerZero airdrop. Source: X (Twitter)

In contrast, some have expressed disappointment with too much focus on airdrops. A community member wrote:

“Aptos partnered up with Google Cloud but no one cared because they were already done giving their airdrop. We only care about free money at the end of the day.”

Google’s Web3 Strategy

It is not just LayerZero and Aptos, but Google has also been exploring strategic partnerships with various Web3 firms. For example, in April 2023, it signed a multi-year partnership with Polygon Labs to allow Polygon developers to use the infrastructure of Google Cloud.

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In November 2022, Google Cloud announced that it would become a Solana validator. Also, in October 2022, Google Cloud launched a node hosting service called Blockchain Node Engine. Previously, in January 2022, Google announced it was forming a dedicated blockchain and distributed computing division.

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