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Plai Labs
Discord Growth and Community Lead
5 months ago | 495 views | 5 applications

Discord Growth and Community Lead

Los Angeles

About the company

Our vision is clear: to transform every user into an innovator, every concept into impact. We’re making AI creation not just accessible, but a natural extension of your thought process—opening the doors to innovation for everyone.

Job Summary

What You Will Be Doing

📍Drive strategic planning and structure for the Plaiday Discord community. 📍Lead growth and acquisition strategy to take us from zero to one! 📍Activate and collaborate with Discord communities to engage with Plaiday’s bot and community. 📍Engage with members, foster inclusivity, and ensure server activity aligns with our goals and mission. 📍Work closely with product teams to utilize the Discord server for gathering valuable feedback and insights. 📍Identify and engage the most active Discord users, and recruit them to participate in deeper public discussions, events and Plaiday products in R & D. 📍Facilitate community-based learning and skill-building among Discord users by creating opportunities for them to discuss their experiences with PlaiDay. 📍Grow our community by encouraging engagement, participation, and discussions within Discord.

What You Bring To The Table

📍3+ years experience successfully building and maintaining digital communities on Discord. 📍Expert understanding of Discord usage and best practices (familiarity with tools & features, understanding of community guidelines, knowledge of current trends, etc.). 📍Deep love of creativity and familiarity with Generative AI creative tools. 📍Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with an ability to foster positive relationships and interactions. 📍Experience with Discord server management and a deep understanding of Discord functionalities. 📍Self-starter attitude and a willingness to take on tasks proactively and work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. 📍Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, as needed.

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