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Impossible Cloud
Data Scientist Quantitative Analyst Numerical Simulation Web3
2 months ago | 440 views | 4 applications

Data Scientist Quantitative Analyst Numerical Simulation Web3

Per year
$62,000 To $87,000

About the company

Impossible Cloud represents the spirit of innovation and determination. Our cutting-edge cloud solutions help bridging the gap between web3 technology and mainstream B2B cloud use cases. We are eliminating frictions currently slowing web3 mass adoption and deliver key benefits like increased speed and security while optimizing costs. Impossible Cloud was founded by serial entrepreneurs who formerly built multiple unicorns. With our top team of passionate people who have joined Impossible Cloud from several different countries, we are continuously researching and pushing the boundaries of distributed technologies. Impossible Cloud is backed by an all-star team of internationally renowned venture capital companies, and we are part of the Protocol Labs Network.

Job Summary

What you will do

šŸ“Simulation Environment: Build a library for simulating an existing token-economic model that captures model dynamics and that allows model stress-testing and parameter optimization. šŸ“Scenario Analysis: Run simulations and analyze simulation outcomes to identify risks, shortcomings, dynamics, and potentials for model improvements. šŸ“Parameter Optimisation: Perform sensitivity analyses and a/b testing on parameter choices, driving the optimization of protocol parameters. šŸ“Collaboration: Educate internal and external stakeholders on simulation techniques and outcomes. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering, business development, marketing.

What you have done

šŸ“Proven ability to perform model simulations using mathematical and statistical tools. Either through relevant academic research or industry experience (e.g. in Consulting, Data Science, Technology, etc.) šŸ“Programming experience, ideally using industry-standard Python libraries (pandas, numpy, cadCAD, etc.). šŸ“Passion and enthusiasm for the vision and mission of Impossible Cloud and the potential impact of decentralizing cloud services. šŸ“A postgraduate degree in STEM/Econometrics/Quant. Finance (or related fields). Can be replaced with relevant work experience. šŸ“[Bonus] Knowledge of web3 technologies, DeFi, token economics.

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