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Unit 410
Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Engineer
about 2 months ago | 158 views | Be the first one to apply

Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Engineer

Remote, United States
Per year
$100,000 To $200,000

About the company

Unit 410 is an experienced team of security, infrastructure, and cryptocurrency engineers. We empower the largest stakeholders to use their crypto in secure and novel ways. To do so, we build institutional-grade systems and solutions for secure network participation. Before Unit 410, we’ve worked at companies like Coinbase, Google, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We’ve long believed in the potential of cryptocurrency and are excited to continue pushing forward the state of the art through industry-leading key generation, encryption, and network participation. Done right, bleeding-edge participation offers scaling, efficiency, and governance improvements over existing layer 1 protocols. But this comes with novel security challenges. Protecting online key material and managing the risk of slashing requires new architectural patterns, hardening, and methods for secure cryptographic signatures. We’re excited to continue to mature solutions across these areas and more. We also believe that network participation is not a zero-sum game and there’s no shortage of work towards scaling crypto, so we’ll continue to liberally open sourcing the tools we’ve built. To date we’ve shared many tools such as a Polkadot Transaction Parser, Polkadot Multisig WebApp, GCP SSH Certificate Authority, MPC for Tendermint Validators, Vault Shamir (in Go), Horcrux (CLI for Shamir), and many more.

Job Summary

Job Responsibilities

📍Lead Network Launches: From concept to production become an expert on bleeding edge networks, continue to improve and build secure templates, patterns, tools, and processes for new cryptocurrency network launches. 📍Secure Systems: Design and implement security improvements, tools, and automation for safe participation in cryptocurrency networks. 📍Invent Solutions: As challenges emerge develop innovative technical solutions that benefit the industry. 📍Collaborate: Work closely with other engineers to ensure we do not have single points of failure in any realm (technical, training, or documentation). 📍Identity New Opportunities: Cryptocurrency continues to accelerate. As new use cases become defined, roll forward into emergent protocols and opportunities.


📍5-7 years experience engineering and operating highly available public-facing infrastructure. 📍Detailed understanding of Public Cloud Infrastructure and experience codifying, automating, segmenting, and scaling services. 📍Experience evaluating technological risks and implementing security detections and protections. 📍Working understanding of cryptocurrency infrastructure and proof-of-stake.

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