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$36,000 TO $60,000 PER YEAR

About Company

Salad Ventures is a blockchain thinktank that catalyses and builds innovations forming the foundation of the new play-to-earn economy. We manage one of the top gaming guilds globally - ⚡️Apollo Squad, developed a guild management platform - ⚙️ GuildOS and offer accessible P2E education on their learn-to-earn platform - ✍Salad Academy. We're hiring!

Job Description

As a member of our team, you will be exposed to the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, all things X-to-Earn, and other projects in Web 3.0. Our project is backed by some of the most respectable and connected investors, advisors and partners in the blockchain space and we're growing our family! ## Job Brief We are looking for a **Community Manager** to support the team in organising, engaging and bringing more members into the company’s online and physical communities as the main moderator. The goal is to build brand presence and trust, both online and in-person. ### Key Responsibilities - Plan, organise and manage both online and offline community events. - Connect with event attendees to promote the company’s projects and explore potential collaboration opportunities - Maintain and grow the community through relationship building initiatives with both existing and new users. - Create engaging campaigns to raise awareness, start conversations, and increase engagement metrics. - Monitor and evaluate the performance of campaigns and the community through data analysis and user feedback. - Setup and manage social channels targeting the crypto community on Discord & Telegram. - Collate and analyse overall community sentiment on the company’s projects and campaigns and create an action plan for improvement. - Generate hype for the company’s present and upcoming events, projects and campaigns through promotional materials. - Grow and manage the community and coordinate with them to moderate social media platforms and interact with the community to increase positive organic engagements. - Drive engagement through social media channels by responding to questions or complaints to promote new initiatives or projects. - Review industry news trends to find topics to generate conversations with community members. - Attend events hosted by other organisations and projects and have them join us as part of our community. ********************************************************************************************** ### Requirements - 2+ years of experience in community management. - Proven community management experience with strong ownership and emotional intelligence. - Experience in launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program and creating an event series). - Familiarity with social media engagement platforms such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Twitch, etc. - Strong understanding of cryptocurrency/blockchain related terminologies and trends. ********************************************************************************************** ### Bonus Points - Experience working on DeFi and NFT projects. - Experience working in the Web 3.0 space. ********************************************************************************************** 🌎 Our team is based in Singapore and would prefer someone who is also based here, or at least in the same timezone (GMT+8).