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Applied Cryptographer
10 days ago | 69 views | Be the first one to apply

Applied Cryptographer


About the company

Cutting-Edge Performance By decomposing circuits into specialized parts and aggregating proofs, Zircuit achieves greater efficiency and lower operating costs. Combined with larger transaction batches and accelerated proof processing, users benefit via faster and cheaper transactions.

Job Summary


📍Mastery of at least one zk-SNARK/zk-STARK proof system 📍Ability to code and develop software. Experience in least one major programming language and familiarity with versioning software 📍Ability to read and interpret academic papers 📍Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively and bridge the gap between theory and practice 📍Nice to have - familiarity with Circom for writing zero knowledge circuits 📍Nice to have - familiarity with existing designs of zero knowledge applications in blockchain

Compensation & Perks

📍A competitive salary that matches your experience, plus performance bonuses and token grants 📍Work from anywhere, 100% remote, and flexible working hours 📍Generous paid time off, including maternity/paternity leave 📍Retirement/pension plan 📍Free gym membership, or any virtual alternative of your choice 📍Join all-expenses-paid retreats in exotic/exclusive locations with the team

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