James Rodríguez Partners With ZKSea to Launch NFT Series

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19 May 2022, 12:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
19 May 2022, 12:00 GMT+0000

Joining the emerging trend of uniting professional sports and fintech, this week, Colombian football superstar James David Rodríguez Rubio signed a strategic partnership agreement with ZKSea.

The ZKSea partnership aims to launch a collection of NFTs celebrating his outstanding contribution to the sport.

After a star-studded career spanning three continents and scoring goals for and against some of the world’s greatest teams, James Rodríguez is looking to commemorate his more than a decade of football in the form of a digital art collection.

Supporting this vision, the James Rodríguez Commemorative Edition NFTs collection of 1,500 unique pieces will be available for minting on ZKSea in the form of auction and mystery boxes from approximately mid-June.

Meanwhile, ZKSea offers a whitelist scheme to early birds who help co-build the ZKSea community with lower prices and pre-minting benefits.

The exclusive partnership between James Rodríguez and ZKSea marks Rodríguez’s first entrance into the world of NFTs and a key moment in his professional career.

The collection will also be one of the early major drops on the all-new ZKSea NFT launchpad and marketplace.

ZKSea is a key pillar in the emerging ZKSpace ZK-rollups powered Layer 2 ecosystem and provides users with a unique experience for creating, minting, and trading NFTs without paying large gas fees.

Talking about the upcoming NFT launch, James Rodríguez said, “I am so excited to be partnering with ZKSpace to launch my commemorative edition NFT collection.”

“The entire process of organizing this and looking back over the highlights of my career has made me very grateful for the journey I’ve been on so far, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to start celebrating my legacy in style,” he continued.

The 1,500 unique NFTs that will make up the James Rodríguez Commemorative Edition collection each come with photo highlights of key achievements in Rodríguez’s career and are comprised of four tiers based on rarity – platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

These achievements include his appearance for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup in Uruguay, his receiving of the 2014/15 Liga BBVA Best Midfielder award, and other memorable moments from his time with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Everton.

In addition to the images, owners of higher-ranked pieces will be given signed memorabilia and even the chance to have a video call with James Rodríguez himself.

As one of the first major NFT collections, NBA Top Shot popularized the digital trading card model for professional sports.

Since then, a number of leading sports organizations, teams, and individual athletes have launched their own NFT collections as a way to better connect with and reward fans.

NFT collections can help athletes identify their hardcore fans and assist in the building of communities around their sport.

Now, leading from such a long and successful career, James Rodríguez has attracted a huge number of online fans, with 49 million Instagram followers and 19 million on Twitter, all looking to share and support his legacy.

The James Rodríguez Commemorative Edition NFT collection will be an opportunity for these supporters to get involved and be a part of an exclusive fan community.

Following a massive rebranding campaign, ZKSpace was launched as a full-featured Layer 2 protocol leveraging ZK-Rollups technology to provide users with an ultra-fast, inexpensive, and secure way to transact on Layer 2.

ZKSpace currently supports three core products: the ZKSwap AMM DEX, ZKSquare, a low-cost Layer 2 payment protocol, and ZKSea, the first ZK-Rollups-based platform supporting Layer 1 to Layer 2 NFT mutual transferring.

Due to the low cost and user-friendly design, ZKSpace is lowering the barrier to entry for new blockchain users and, moving forward, will be concentrating on attracting exceptional projects and innovators to grow the ecosystem together.


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