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CryptoWhale: Telegram Channel For Autotrading

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Telegram groups on cryptocurrencies reflect ideas on the crypto space and how to trade. Expert traders indicate whether it is better to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency at a specific price or at a specific time.

These Telegram groups can be based on various factors, be it news, technical analysis or the current state of the market. With the correct trading signals, a trader can open the door to significant profits and improve his trading strategy.

CryptoWhale AutoTrading

CryptoWhale AutoTrading is one of the fastest-growing Telegram channels for auto trading in the crypto world and they specialize in auto-trading through Cornix.

Autotrading is a service through which the CrypToWhale trader operates his own Binance Spot or Binance Futures account, and these operations are replicated in the account of its users thanks to the fact that they are connected through Cornix, without them having to do nothing else nor understand trading.

To do this, the user only has to connect his Binance Spot and Binance Futures account, with CryptoWhale through Cornix from Telegram

Trading through Telegram

CryptoWhale trades both on Binance Spot with the BTC pair, and on Binance Futures with the USDT pair. Depending on how the market is, we operate in one place or another. The advantage that Binance Futures offers is that you can trade long or short, that is, whether the currency is falling or rising.

It is important to note that the entire connection process is done in Telegram and in a very simple way.

On their free Telegram channel they share the state of the market, detailed analysis of Bitcoin, as well as that of other cryptocurrencies daily.

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Cornix as an autotrading tool

CryptoWhale uses Cornix, which is the main autotrading tool in the crypto market and allows, through Telegram, to do automatic trading on Binance Spot, Binance Futures and Bybit.

To achieve a better user experience, the CryptoWhale team has created a series of tutorials (currently in Spanish) on their YouTube channel in which they explain step by step the entire process of connecting your Binance Spot, Binance Futures, and Bybit account with CryptoWhale.

It should be noted that Cornix offers a free 14-day trial period to test the autotrading bot. After this time you will have to pay for the service. Cornix offers three types of accounts, we recommend the Intermediate or the PRO account.

The CryptoWhale trader can configure each operation according to the parameters of percentage of entry, number of entry and exit targets, trailing stop loss, etc.

In addition to this, Cornix allows you to modify each parameter of the operation, for example that stop loss moves to the entry point when it hits target 2, or that it enters the operation when it reaches the second entry target. In this sense, CryptoWhale has prepared a tutorial so that you can configure the Cornix bot with the parameters or strategies you want.

Subsequent Actions After Connecting Your Account With CryptoWhale

When synchronizing, you must wait for the CryptoWhale trader to open a trade. Two Telegram channels will be created automatically, one where the general configuration of the operation will appear, and the other where the operation will appear with your personal configuration.

In both one and the other, you will receive updates on how the operation is going. There is also a tutorial so you can better visualize the process.

The CryptoWhale official page also reflects the price of the different autotrading plans they offer:


On the website they also have a monthly results section where you can see the history of all operations per month.

Advanced Trading Course

The CryptoWhale team also offers an Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course. It is aimed at professional traders such as those who are starting in the world of trading. This course will allow you to understand how the market works and thus generate your own operations.

The course consists of 9 videos of 60 minutes each. They explain the different mechanics that CryptoWhale uses to generate the operations received by users of private channels.

The acquisition of the course is 33% off as long as the price of Bitcoin is above $ 30,000.

Cryptowhale AutoTrading Key Features Summary:

  • Automatic trading.
  • You do not have to have notions of trading as they are responsible for opening and closing operations.
  • Binance Spot with the BTC pair.
  • Binance Futures with the USDT pair (long and short).
  • The connection between CryptoWhale and users is made on Telegram and through Cornix.
  • Cornix is ​​the leading auto trading bot in the crypto world.
  • They have made their own tutorials that are on the YouTube channel to explain how the connections are made, which is Cornix, personal Cornix settings, etc.
  • On their free Telegram channel they share the state of the market, detailed analysis of Bitcoin, as well as that of other cryptocurrencies daily.
  • A single payment of 0.03 BTC as it is for life.
  • Now they have a 0.03 lifetime offer as long as BTC is above $ 30,000, then they will raise the price.
  • Customer service can be done through Telegram: @CryptoWhaleSupport
  • Monthly results channel where you can check the results of all operations by months.
Gráfico de trading

The company offers its clients and those interested in autotrading, various means to establish contact with the CryptoWhale team.



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