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Crypto Influencers: Top 5 People Making Waves in the Market March 17-24

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In Brief

  • This week sees NFT mania grip the list of influencers
  • Sports personalities and a failed festival organizer top the list
  • Twitter CEO clocks $2.9 million for the first Tweet NFT
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BiC takes a look at the top five people making waves this week. The influencers feature for their news, views, and overall sentiment during the past week in the crypto space. This week features an NFT All-Star list of influencers. With 4 of them known more so for their antics outside of the crypto space.

Jack Dorsey 

Kicking off the list first this week is none other than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey has become a major crypto maximalist over the last year. Having been a backer of Bitcoins growth for several years now. The Twitter CEO has become a fully-fledged crypto enthusiast. So much so that he even created an NFT of his very first tweet and put it up for auction. 

The NFT featured the first ever twitter tweet from Dorsey, which said “just setting up my twttr.” Following the growth and success of the NFT space, the auction of the tweet picked up steam this week as the auction wrapped up. The tweet eventually sold for an impressive $2.9 million. 

While the NFT sale sold for a large sum of money. Winner of the auction, Sina Estavi believes the NFT could rival the Mona Lisa in the future. 

Dorsey wasted no time in moving the Ethereum won from the auction to Kraken exchange. The funds were converted to the Bitcoin equivalent, totalling 50.8 BTC.

Dorsey proceeded to donate the winnings to the Give Directly Africa fund. 

Not a bad way to spend your earnings from the only NFT tweet from the CEO of Twitter. 

Ja Rule

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continue to dominate the news this past week. So there is no surprise that famed rapper and failed festival co-founder Ja Rule joined the fray. 

Ja Rule may be well known for his hit singles “living it up” and “thug lovin’.” But recently, he became more popular for his failed attempt at operating one of the largest, most audacious music festivals in history. 

The Fyre Festival was meant to be a large music festival hosted in the Bahamas. Featuring some of the biggest music artists. However, the event never fully materialized and was subject to one of the largest failed attempts at a music festival. The event’s failed results became worldwide news following the Netflix Documentary titled “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.”

The failed event led to multiple class-action lawsuits against Ja Rule and his partners. 

However, Ja Rule is back! This time launching his very own Fyre NFT series. The rapper decided to move forward and auction off an original, physical Fyre Festival art piece along with the NFT to confirm its originality on the blockchain. While the crazy idea might have seemed odd, it appears to have paid off for Ja Rule. The piece sold for $122,000 on Flipkick.

So it appears that launching a failed music festival can generate some profits after all. The NFT grew plenty of NFT fans who followed the Fyre Festival drama. And once again proves that just about anything can be sold as an NFT. 

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk makes the list this week for, you guessed it, NFTs. While NFTs continue to be the hottest thing since sliced bread. Famed skateboarder Tony Hawk features this week for his very own NFT release. 

Tony Hawk is likely one of the most recognized professional skateboarders in history. The famously nicknamed “Birdman” became famous for his documented ‘900’ skateboard trick. The skateboarder also founded Birdhouse skateboarding company and launched his very own video game series. 

The skateboarding legend has announced that he will be teaming up with Ethernity Chain to launch his own NFT. So far not much information has been provided, however the announcement has teased some old footage of Hawk. 

The skateboarder has remanded a pivotal role model for all skateboarders over the course of the last twenty five years. And it is highly likely the news of the legend releasing his own NFT series will have some fans frothing at the mouth. 

Keep your eyes peeled to Ethernity for future releases. 

Patrick Mahomes

Following Tony Hawk’s footsteps is American Football star and quarterback for the Kansas City Chief, Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback is better known for his star performances in the field. The quarterback has become an icon for his Super Bowl-winning season in 2019-20. 

However, the quarterback has also entered the NFT space. It appears everyone is now an NFT maximalist. Mahomes recently auctioned off six digital artworks, with two of these pieces being limited edition pieces. Mahomes made use of MakersPlace to sell his artwork NFTs. The NFTs feature some of the quarterback’s biggest career moments, such as winning the Super Bowl.

While the quarterback was diving into unknown territory, athletes have already witnessed huge success across a wide spectrum. NFTs from athletes have seen huge success. So why would Mahomes’ NFT collection be any different? 

Well it wasn’t, the star quarterback sold out the collection for an impressive $3.7 million within thirty minutes. 

Proof that Mahomes is a star on the field and a star in the NFT space. The NFT space shows its strength as athletes, musicians, and celebrities continue to join in on the movement while capitalizing on their fans’ greed for more digital art

Charles Hoskinson

Wrapping up this week’s top 5 crypto influencers is the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson makes the list for his recent sale of an NFT tweet. 

Like Dorsey, Hoskinson has jumped upon the NFT bandwagon and has recently sold one of his tweets converted to an NFT. 

Hoskinson recently spoke out about the recent mass shooting in the United States when someone commented on the video. Hoskinson reacted with a dramatic reply. The reply was later announced as being for sale as an NFT. 

While the sale of the NFT might have just been as a publicity stunt, it did, in fact, sell. The winning bidder of the offensive tweet spent 4.17 Ethereum on the tweet. Or $7,000, to be exact. 

The NFT circus seems to continue with this recent sale. And does not look to be stopping anytime soon. 

It is clearly apparent that the NFT space is extremely over-hyped at this point. From selling artwork to moments to offensive tweets. Nothing appears to be out of bounds. That wraps up another week of the top 5 crypto influencers. Keep an eye out for next week’s list. 


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