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Cradles Closes $5M Private Funding Round

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Animoca Brands are a Hong Kong-based game software and venture capital firm with holdings in MetaMask, Atari, and CryptoKitties.

Other notable investors in addition to Animoca include the likes of Huobi Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Folius Ventures, Everse Capital, as the private funding round counted over 15 veteran gaming industry and tech VC participants.

First 3A MMORPG Metaverse

Cradians (as the budding gaming community is affectionately known) will already know that Cradles has continued to progress in terms of development, to be preceded by a mini-game already close to release.

Cradles: Origin of Species features a breakthrough concept in gaming called Dynamic Metaverse.

This is achieved via a new token protocol, EIP3664, which will also introduce ground-breaking combinable component NFTs that will transform the way NFTs are used in gaming.

This is a huge step forward from the current norm of static game NFTs in Metaverse games.

It will allow players to formulate their own custom NFTs with components of items, accessories, putting together and taking apart as they wish for endless playability. 

New ‘No Fishing’ Cradles mini-game release

A demonstration of this is currently available using the Dragontar Club portal, and will very soon be playable in the upcoming mini-game ‘No Fishing!’.

It features Dragontars, the collective mascot representing combinable NFTs. Dragontar owners can remove any accessory from their Dragontar and swap them with others.

Cradians always name them as component-NFTs.

The CRDS token

The second facet of the innovative token model is the native CRDS token, which is the lifeblood that powers the game.

Holders of CRDS tokens will be able to stake their tokens into NFTs for the first time, thanks to Cradles’ pioneering EIP-3664-powered feature.

Metaverse now has a special way of distinguishing the individual components of GameFi’s DeFi and Game. 

Staking into NFT (SIN)

Cradles will use a unique system dubbed “Staking Into NFT” (SIN). It seeks to perfect token economics by solving the issues prevalent in old dual-token systems while providing strong support for its native CRDS token.

The technological innovations behind Cradles will strive to establish blockchain gaming and NFTs as the viable cornerstones of next-generation gaming.

Users will be able to choose their favorite streamers, staking into their NFTs and sharing rewards from streamers’ battles.

Regular staking into their own NFTs is still available but Cradles offers more earning choices for players. Play on your own or just let others play for you.

This is exactly the type of innovation that stands to bring GameFi and Metaverse into the next generation.

Moreover, Cradles will be the first subscription-based blockchain game in the world. It is similar to the model used by World of WarCraft where players need to buy a monthly subscription card to get into the game.

All the NFTs in the game are free to collect. Players farm the materials, then  make NFTs by themselves. This brand new NFT mechanism will bring GameFi to the next level.

A new age of NFTs

In the world of Cradles, NFTs no longer need to be restricted to lifeless tokens that can only be traded. These ever-evolving NFTs can be crafted, modified, and traded – with attributes that change for the better or worse. 

As players invest time and effort to experience the game, they reap higher rewards with NFTs that have superior attributes. This Play-And-Earn twist puts a central focus on the gaming experience, providing rich, and exciting earning opportunities for all players. 

About DRepublic

The vision of DRepublic, the foundation behind Cradles, is to allow users to experience a world that taps into blockchain’s capacity to create a living, breathing economy completely reliant on mass player interactions.

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