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BTC’s Push, Pepe’s 32% Explosion & QUBE’s $3.3 Million Raise Explored

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BTC has seen a positive push due to Congress’s call for a Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, while meme coin PEPE surged by 32%.

Despite the chilling cryptowinter, InQubeta has charted a unique path for itself, raising $3.3 million via its hugely successful QUBE presale.

BTC and PEPE Surge As Congress Urges SEC for Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

A bipartisan group of U.S. Congress members have urged the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) promptly. Their argument centers on enhancing investor protection and transparency.

 Major financial firms, including Fidelity, BlackRock, and Bitwise, have applied for such ETFs, but the SEC has, thus far, only approved Bitcoin futures ETFs. This inconsistency has drawn criticism.

In response to this call, Bitcoin’s price witnessed a 2.57% increase, rising from $26,115 to $27,069 at the time of writing. With a circulating supply of 19 million BTC, its market cap reached $527,826,659,578.

The Pepe (PEPE) meme coin has experienced significant fluctuations after reaching an all-time high in April 2023. 

After that peak, it faced a decline in subsequent months. However, following the recent positive Bitcoin ETF news, the price of Pepe has seen an impressive 32% surge in the past seven days. 

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Approach to AI Startup Funding

InQubeta has reimagined how AI startups raise capital and engage with their communities. As a bridge between investors and AI startups, InQubeta introduces fractional investment opportunities through its unique NFT marketplace.

Every investment opportunity on InQubeta is minted as an NFT and is divided into fractions, making it accessible to investors of all budgets. 

This approach not only benefits early supporters but also promotes widespread support for AI startups. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace offers AI startups a platform to secure funding with reward and equity-based NFTs, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for startups and QUBE token holders.

The QUBE token presale has achieved remarkable success so far. Currently at Stage 4, with over 77% of tokens sold and more than $3.3 million raised, InQubeta envisions a future where AI technology and cryptocurrency intersect. 

It recognized the limitations of traditional investment methods and harnessed the potential of blockchain and smart contracts to create a transparent, secure, and democratic investment ecosystem, actively supporting AI technology startups.

$QUBE tokens serve as both investments and governance tools. Token holders have a direct say in decision-making processes, including proposing ideas, participating in community discussions, casting votes on proposals, and contributing to the platform’s development and direction.

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