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Bitbot Presale Enters Final Stage As $4.3M Raise Target Approaches

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Bitbot, a new AI Telegram trading bot, has raised $3.9+ million after reaching stage 15 of its presale.

This strong momentum comes on the back of a comprehensive rebrand, including a new website and a greater focus on AI tools. And with Bitbot already raising 3X more in presale than its competition, there’s a lot for investors to be excited about.  

Adjacency to the crypto-AI nexus has proven to be a boon for standout tokens during this bull run, and Bitbot will look to replicate the price action of similar projects with this deepening of its AI features such as the Gem Scanner.

Bitbot’s AI deployment appeals particularly to retail traders, a huge demographic that remains vital to the crypto market. Intelligent on-chain analysis tools give everyday traders access to institutional-grade insights, built into a Telegram interface to ensure accessibility for all.

Bitbot currently boasts a community of 100k+, with around 80k followers on X, 25k+ on Telegram, and more across other channels including Reddit and Discord.

Bitbot (BITBOT) is available to buy on the official site.

Bitbot occupies crypto’s growth sectors

AI blockchain tokens have been the stars of the 2024 bull run so far, at press time registering a $40 billion market cap, according to CoinGecko. Investment titan VanEck predicts that AI blockchain solutions will generate yearly revenue of more than $10 billion by 2030, signaling a strong expectation of growth.

Bitbot has a foot in another flourishing sector, too. Telegram trading bots have taken the market by storm since their inception in 2023, with a total of over $23 billion in trades being processed across all platforms.

The Telegram bot sector is valued, at press time, around the $1.5 billion mark, according to CoinMarketCap, and has been described as “crypto’s new cash cow.” With the current leader, BONKbot, heavily associated with the BONK token, there is even more potential for users to be onboarded due to the current trend of mainstream crypto adoption via meme coins.

Product Advisor, Andrew Jacobs, said:

“Bitbot is the perfect companion for those entering the crypto market for the first time, as well as traders who have seen it all. The proprietary AI gives users unmatched trading power in the palm of their hand, making high-level strategies accessible to everyone – and our industry-leading security makes sure investors stay safe in what can feel like a daunting environment.”

Institutional tools, democratized

Bitbot iterates on first-generation Telegram bots in several areas, giving users a more capable product that arguably presents a stronger investment case.

The aforementioned Gem Scanner searches for undervalued tokens, allowing traders to optimize trade placement and strategy. An exclusive Alpha List delivers calls that help users find gems first, allowing them to beat the masses to the next huge opportunities. 

Security is another area in which Bitbot excels: it’s the world’s first non-custodial Telegram bot, a new feature that fully protects against exploits and hacks. This is achieved using wallet solution partner KnightSafe to ensure users retain ownership of their coins until trade settlement is complete.

Anti-MEV and anti-rug pull protection round out Bitbot’s security arsenal, automatically blocking trades that show signs of fraudulent activity and preventing slippage from eating away at profits. This allows new market entrants to finally trade with peace of mind.

The BITBOT token explained

BITBOT, the token behind the trading platform, has its own set of benefits. Holders receive 50% of revenue generated from trading fees and get exclusive access to community groups where traders share investment opportunities and trading strategies.

Demand elsewhere in the Telegram bot sector has been clearly demonstrated since its birth in 2023. Banana Gun, for example, surged by 10x between October and April despite suffering a bug at launch – a problem Bitbot protects against with its Solid Proof audit and extensive security measures. 

Meanwhile, BONKbot offers a “less refined” trading experience and is limited to Solana alone, yet the BONK token boasts a $1.6 billion market cap. Bitbot will operate across multiple chains with an advanced, AI-infused feature set, suggesting it has the potential to achieve even more.

After the presale, the BITBOT token will be listed on DEXs, at which point the market will decide the price of this AI token.

About Bitbot

Bitbot is a new AI Telegram trading bot that aims to put institutional-grade trading tools in the hands of retail users to enable them to trade using a variety of advanced features, including sniping and copy trading.

Audited by Solid Proof, Bitbot focuses on security and follows the motto, “Your keys, Your wallet, Your assets.” To this end, the project has partnered with Knightsafe to deliver the world’s first non-custodial telegram trading bot, mitigating counterparty risk and reinforcing this with anti-MEV and anti-rug technology.

For more information and to buy Bitbot (BITBOT), visit: Official Website | Whitepaper | Socials

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