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$70,000 TO $71,000 PER YEAR

About Company

What is Roote? Roote is an educational hub and for-public startup studio accelerating the personal and collective transformation necessary for humanity's transition to the Wisdom Age. Our educational hub runs the Roote Fellowship, a podcast, and a newsletter. Our startup studio launches Roote Projects, ambitious projects which catalyze systems-level change for a wiser world. Web3 & Society is a Roote Project.

Job Description

Role Overview You are responsible for starting and growing WAGMI Bootcamp, an engineering bootcamp focused on web3. Your north star is: Can you find lots of amazing/diverse students, teach them crypto engineering, and help them find jobs in web3? This position is extremely entrepreneurial. We’re looking for a relentlessly resourceful teammate who learns and executes quickly. If you're interested in leading something new that will maximize your rate-of-learning, please apply! What You'll Do You will create, market, teach, and grow the bootcamp from scratch. Create the full student experience for the WAGMI Bootcamp: curriculum, class time, guest speakers, projects, etc. (leveraging free-to-use educational materials like Buildspace) Market the bootcamp to find the initial cohort of 25+ students. Teach the bootcamp and facilitate connections between students, orgs, and mentors. Grow the bootcamp by providing a transformative experience that fellows can’t help but share. Be relentlessly focused on measuring and improving the student experience and learning outcomes. In addition you will: Institute processes to turn the bootcamp into a self-catalyzing community network. Conduct dozen of customer interviews to understand what both sides of the market need: students and Web3 companies. Work with excellent existing web3 education projects like Braintrust, Buildspace, OdysseyDAO and D&I education projects like She256, SheFi, and Turing. You will do all of this in a network-first way. If you help other web3 D&I bootcamps grow, that’s great! After 1 year, success looks like: You’ve run two amazing bootcamps (NPS 9+) to 100 students, have partnerships with 5+ web3 orgs, and have provided the web3 community with great new diverse talent. After 3 years, success looks like: You are leading a team of instructors who teach web3 to thousands of students every year. You May Be a Fit if You Have been green pilled by web3. Have experience starting and running educational programs. (Or want to do so!) Have 1+ years of web3 engineering experience. To teach web3 engineering, you need to have done web3 engineering. Have the patience, curiosity, and clarity of an excellent teacher. Love building community. Have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Have a proven ability to be a self-starter capable of driving customer results without significant supervision. Have the ability to bring structure to ambiguous strategic questions and thrive in an unstructured, fast-moving environment. Have a strong bias toward concrete action. You should often ask: "Why can't this be done sooner?" Have a strong bias towards ambition. You should often ask: "Is this the most ambitious plan we could come up with?" Even if not all of these apply to you, we'd still love to consider your application, particularly if you'd like to learn more of these. Studies show that you can be considered for a role even if many of a job posting's listed qualifications don't apply to you. We evaluate all applications holistically. Why You Might Be Excited About Us You get to be weird and creative. This is not a traditional VC firm, tech company, online school, or academic research hub. You want to work with us. Here is our team. And here are our How to Work With Me Manuals. We have a great network. You want to work with global leaders and ambitious frontier people. You are aligned with Roote's guiding mission and values. We have an extremely flexible leave policy and provide benefits including full health, dental, and vision coverage. To learn more about Roote, check out our website, which includes our report on Building The Wisdom Age and our illustrated piece on Marriage Counseling With Capitalism. ### III. Logistics Type: Full-time. Time Expectation: Start as soon as possible. Location: We are a hybrid org based in the SF Bay Area. If you’re here, we’d work in the office together a few days a week. If you’re not here, we’d have quarterly offsites. Compensation: The starting salary is $70,000/year (The listed salary is based on US rates. We adjust salaries to reflect regional costs of living.)