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Rome Protocol
Senior Ethereum Smart Contract Engineer
4 days ago | 35 views | 2 applications

Senior Ethereum Smart Contract Engineer

Per year
$120,000 To $250,000

About the company

Rome Protocol is building a shared sequencer network leveraging Solana. Shared sequencers solve the biggest problems for Ethereum’s rollup-centric future. Using Solana as a shared sequencer leverages a well-tested, secure, and high throughput network to solve these problems. We are building a shared sequencer that can be integrated with any Ethereum based rollups. It is intended to be used for thousands of rollups. We work in person from our Los Angeles and New York offices, and are remote friendly.

Job Summary


📍Solidity Smart Contracts: Write Rome’s core Solidity smart contracts for state commitments, DA, settlement, bridging, etc. 📍State Commitments: Post Rome’s state commitments such as Merkle roots to the base layer (Ethereum) blockchain to ensure robust transaction ordering. 📍Data publication: Post Rome’s transaction batches and blocks to Ethereum and other DA Layers such as Celestia. 📍L1 <> L2 Integration: Integrate base layer (Ethereum) withdrawals and deposits to allow bridging assets to Rome rollups, and prevent double-spending. 📍State Synchronization: Ensure rollup state is synchronized between Solana and the rollup node. Develop code to address blockchain reorgs on Ethereum and Solana. 📍Integrate Proofs & Settlement: Generate proofs including fraud and ZK, and post these proofs to Rome’s smart contracts. 📍Ethereum Rollup Proficiency: Become proficient in Ethereum Rollup technologies including Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and zkSync, preparing for tasks such as deployment, operation, debugging, and improvements. 📍Zero Knowledge VM Expertise: Develop an understanding of Zero Knowledge VM and tackle the complexities of working with ZK-EVM stacks and integrating them with sequencers under various proving standards. 📍Rome RaaS: Develop Rome’s Rollup-as-a-service by integrating various Ethereum clients such as Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon zkEVM, etc. Innovation in Rollups: Drive innovation within Rollup ecosystems by developing and implementing new features like Decentralized Sequencing, peer-to-peer messaging, and minimized trust off-chain computation. 📍Network Security Enhancement: Improve network security and robustness by identifying potential vulnerabilities, setting up reproducible test environments, and developing strategic solutions.


📍Technical Proficiency: Proficient in writing core Solidity smart contracts. 📍Blockchain Architecture Knowledge: Deep understanding of Ethereum client architecture, particularly its EVM execution client, Geth. 📍Rollup Technology Familiarity: Familiarity with various Ethereum Rollup clients, their components, and the trade-offs involved. 📍Independent Work: Capable of working independently from conceptualization to implementation, including monitoring and updating your own code. 📍Communication Skills: Proficient in English, with strong skills in both writing and speaking. 📍Code Quality: Proven track record of delivering high-quality, production-grade code, managing significant user interactions or transactions. 📍EVM Integration Skills: Comprehensive knowledge of the EVM and its integration with external tools. 📍Web3 Experience: Proficient with Web3 libraries and backend development (e.g., ethers and web3 libraries. 📍Industry Passion: Keen interest in the Web3/crypto industry and user experience with crypto applications (e.g., Uniswap, Aave). 📍Educational Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related technical field.

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