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Senior Blockchain Engineer - Substrate/EVM
over 1 year ago | 890 views | 6 applications

About the company

The Content Fabric is an open high-performance software network for managing and distributing large form content, like video, in ways never before possible

Job Summary

Be a developer on the world's leading web3 multimedia distribution network!

Eluvio is a highly-focused and ambitious team of systems, networking, blockchain, application, and video software engineers working together to implement the vision of the Content Fabric – a scalable, decentralized multimedia platform for distrbution and commercialization of content. Our ambition is to serve a large percentage of the world's Internet video.

We are looking for an experienced developer with solid software development and cryptography background. The core of the work evolves around Substrate, EVM, off-chain and multi-chain interaction, scaling, encryption, APIs, and usability. This position requires mastering the technical areas as well as the drive, ambition, and vision.

Responsibilities include:

Architecture and design of blockchain and off-chain interactions Coding core components and tools Work with and guide operations teams in deploying test and main blockchain networks Mentoring and assisting teammates Technical presentation and documentation of blockchain and related technology Support application builders on top of the platform


Solid software development background Engineering degree or equivalent, and 10+ years of experience in relevant areas Rust and Go are a must, JavaScript / node.js, C/C++, WASM Applied cryptography Substrate, EVM, multi-chain experience Experience deploying testnet / mainnet projects - Substrate, EVM, Parachain/Parathreads Architecture and design experience

Culture and Work Style

We strive to be the best in the world at what we do and consider the outcome of our work our 'Olympic Games' We drive to our collective business goals and aim to provide rewarding career experiences for the entire team We want every team member to feel that this is the most exciting thing they have worked on and be proud of their work in all social contexts We work hard and have fun with our work. We don't burn ourselves out. We value sustainability in all forms and also 'work hard' to make sure the team is thriving physically and mentally We share responsibility and lead by example We enjoy fun activities together and with our team's friends and families. We value and support each other's personal pursuits outside of work We are considerate and we give back.

Day-to-day work

We value and promote independent thinking and raising ideas and proposals in all areas of our work, as well as outside of what we think of as our 'box' We talk - we share and discuss our objectives, our problems, our concerns, and our solutions We make solid and practical decisions - we can overcome personal preferences in favor of solid team consensus We rely on team members' independent work and drive to prototype, demonstrate approaches and design and develop software, tools, and processes and take tasks to completion (we don't spoon-feed or remind team members every day of what they need to be doing) We review all work We work in pairs where appropriate We expect correctness and completion Benefits

Market competitive salary Employee stock option program 401K match Medical, dental, and vision benefits Passionate team members and vision Execution culture Work with excellent senior software engineering peers

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