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Research Intern – Crypto and Web3 Markets
6 months ago | 736 views | 58 applications

Research Intern – Crypto and Web3 Markets

Remote, Hong Kong
Per year
$3,600 To $9,600

About the company

Anboto Labs is a research and trading Lab building algorithmic execution tools integrated with CeFi and DeFi. We provide crypto traders with a unified execution platform to trade across exchanges, networks and applications.

Job Summary

We are seeking a motivated and detail-oriented Research Intern to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for conducting thorough market research in the rapidly evolving fields of cryptocurrency, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and Web3 technologies.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Research Analyst Intern, your role will be all about researching daily what moves the crypto market: 📍 Perform in-depth research into various DeFi protocols and the overall cryptocurrency market. 📍Stay continuously updated with the latest trends, technologies, and developments within the crypto and Web3 space. 📍Prepare and deliver daily research outputs, contributing valuable insights and analysis to the team. 📍 Collaborate closely with other team members to support the development of innovative strategies and solutions.


In the role of Research Analyst Intern ideally, you will have the following skills and experiences: 📍 Currently pursuing or have obtained a degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field. 📍Preferably 1 year of experience in a Web3 or finance-related company. 📍Strong understanding of cryptocurrency markets and trading principles is desirable. 📍Excellent communication and presentation skills. 📍 Demonstrated eagerness to learn and stay updated in a fast-paced industry. 📍 Ability to work independently and produce high-quality research outputs regularly. 📍 Open-minded approach to research and genuine intellectual curiosity 📍 Strong value system of supporting others (team, community, ecosystem)

Nice to have’s:

📍Master’s Degree in a technical discipline (e.g. mathematics or computer science) and/or in finance or economics 📍Experience in a high growth startup 📍Fluent in one other language than English 📍Familiarity working in a remote-first, startup environment


📍 Full remote work accommodation, allowing you to work from anywhere. 📍- Competitive remuneration with payment options in cryptocurrency. 📍Unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant startup culture, surrounded by a team of experts and innovators in the blockchain and crypto space. 📍Paid travel - team on-sites in different parts of the world, once a year

How to Apply:

📍Please submit your resume along with a cover letter explaining your interest in blockchain and crypto markets, and how your experience aligns with the responsibilities of this role. Highlight any relevant projects or previous work experience in the field.

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