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PartTime Payroll HR Specialist Germany
at Toku
18 days ago | 61 views | Be the first one to apply

PartTime Payroll HR Specialist Germany

Per year
$76,000 To $80,000

About the company

Crypto has had tremendous growth over the last several years. That growth comes with inevitable regulation. Regulation, in our view, is a good thing because once the industry passes through this phase, then crypto can access the rest of the world. We believe it’s going to be the companies that enable this transition from the pre-regulation to post-regulation industry and the companies that can properly navigate it, or better yet, be the ones that facilitate it - those are the most relevant companies in this next wave. Toku will be one of those companies. Toku’s products enable crypto-native companies to compliantly compensate their teams in both fiat and tokens in over 100 teams globally. Toku’s growing list of customers includes Aragon, Astar, dYdX, Filecoin Foundation, Gitcoin, Gnosis, Hedera Hashgraph, Mina, Protocol Labs, Teller, Safe, Storyverse, and others. Paying people with tokens is such an obvious first real-world use case of any token. It doesn’t matter what the token does. All tokens can be used to compensate workers. And in fact, are! Toku ensures that all the worker compensation that all those tokens need to do can be done legally, and proper taxes paid is a critical part of the transition to a post-regulation crypto industry. Toku raised $20 million from a consortium led by Blockchain Capital with Protocol Labs, GMJP, OrangeDAO, Orrick, Reverie, Quantstamp, Next Web Capital, and prominent angel investors including Protocol Labs founder Juan Benet and Alchemy co-founders Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau. Read more about Toku in Fortune, Yahoo Finance, and CoinDesk.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities

📍Payroll Processing: Manage and execute monthly payroll operations, including salary, bonuses, overtime, and statutory deductions. 📍Compliance: Ensure adherence to German labor laws, including Steuerklasse (Tax Classes), Sozialversicherung (Social Security), and other legal requirements. 📍HR Support: Provide support in HR tasks such as employment contracts, employee records maintenance, benefits management, and absence tracking. 📍Software Implementation: Configure and maintain our internal payroll software, ensuring smooth operation and integration with current HR systems. 📍Reporting: Prepare and submit necessary payroll reports to German authorities, including Lohnsteueranmeldung (Wage Tax Declaration) and Sozialversicherungsbeiträge (Social Security Contributions). 📍Employee Assistance: Address employee queries regarding payroll, benefits, and HR policies promptly and professionally.


📍Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related discipline. 📍At least 3 years of experience in payroll processing and HR management in Germany. 📍Proficiency in German payroll software and Microsoft Office Suite. 📍Comprehensive understanding of German labor laws and statutory regulations. 📍High level of accuracy and attention to detail. 📍Strong communication skills in German and English, both written and spoken.

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