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Information Security Engineer
about 1 month ago | 222 views | 2 applications

Information Security Engineer


About the company

SupportNinja was founded in 2015 to help companies solve for scale and connect them with a wider world of talent. Our vision is to show the world a better way to grow by developing the best people, implementing the latest technology, and challenging the status quo.

Job Summary

What does a day in the life as an Information Security Engineer look like?

📍Regularly check security systems, such as firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems, for any signs of abnormal/unusual activity. 📍Identify and assess vulnerabilities in the network, including scanning for weaknesses and applying patches or configurations to address them. 📍Respond to and investigate security incidents, such as breaches or suspicious activities, to minimize damage and prevent future occurrences. 📍Configure and manage security devices, ensuring that firewalls, routers, and switches are set up to protect the network effectively. 📍Keep systems up-to-date by applying security patches and updates to address vulnerabilities. 📍Contribute to the design and implementation of secure network architectures, considering factors like segmentation and secure communication. 📍Monitor and manage systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access or malicious activities within the network. 📍Analyze logs generated by security systems to identify patterns, anomalies, or potential security threats. 📍Monitor and manage antivirus and EDR solutions to ensure all endpoints are protected against malware and other security threats. 📍Monitor and manage endpoint protection tools, including settings for firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, encryption solutions, Mobile 📍Device Management (MDM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and other security features. 📍Analyze phishing attempts and educate users. 📍Monitor endpoints for compliance with security policies and standards, taking corrective actions when necessary. 📍Enforce security policies and best practices throughout the network, aligning them with organizational security requirements. 📍Maintain documentation related to network security configurations, endpoint security configurations, policies, and incident response procedures. 📍Work closely with other IT teams, such as IT Systems and Network Teams to ensure a holistic approach to security. 📍Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity threats, technologies, and best practices through ongoing training and professional development. Perform other duties as assigned

What are the required qualifications for an Information Security Engineer?

📍3-5+ years of IT network and endpoint security experience with a strong understanding and proven experience of SIEM tools, Active Directory management, vulnerability scanning, EDR/XDR tools, patch management, backup and recovery, IPS/IDS, encryption, network traffic analysis, etc. 📍 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to assess and respond to complex security incidents.Experienced with SOC/cybersecurity principles, practices, and risk management 📍Familiar with the tools and knows how to assess the logs and threats 📍Continuous learning and a proactive approach to staying updated on emerging cyber threats and security best practices. 📍Strong communication skills, both verbal and written. 📍Flexible to work schedule 📍Amenable to work onsite whenever needed but rare

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