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TON Foundation
GameFi Lead
8 days ago | 49 views | 3 applications

GameFi Lead

Per year
$72,000 To $78,000

About the company

Inherited from Telegram, the TON blockchain was designed to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use native apps, some of which can be used directly in Telegram such as @wallet or @cryptobot. TON is led by an open-source community of experienced developers consisting of some of the best programmers in the world and Telegram blockchain contest winners. Applying its existing ecosystem of communities, developers, publishers, payment providers, and merchants, TON is uniquely positioned to establish the first-ever mass-market cryptocurrency in history.

Job Summary


📍Strategy and Vision: Develop a comprehensive GameFi strategy in alignment with TON Foundation's overall objectives. Outline a clear vision for the GameFi sector and articulate actionable steps to achieve it. 📍Onboard Teams: Help teams to have a smooth onboard to the ecosystem by providing support, grants, best practices and needed connections with other projects in the ecosystem. 📍Ecosystem Projects Success: Actively help VCs in TON raise capital for TON based projects by making introductions, research, due diligence memo, and other insights related to the deal. 📍Project Management: Oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of GameFi projects within the TON ecosystem. Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. 📍Team Leadership: Build and lead a team of skilled professionals dedicated to GameFi development and adoption. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment that encourages creativity and excellence. 📍Partnership and Collaboration: Identify potential partners, game developers, and gaming projects that align with the GameFi vision. Establish strong working relationships and collaborations to enhance the presence of GameFi within the web3 ecosystem. 📍Public Speaking and Representation: Participate in media interviews, panel discussions, and public forums to represent the TON Foundation. 📍Deliver compelling presentations and speeches to promote the TON blockchain and its initiatives. 📍Community Engagement: Engage with the gaming and blockchain communities to evangelize GameFi concepts and gather feedback. Actively participate in conferences, events, and social media to promote GameFi and increase awareness. 📍Technical Expertise: Stay updated on the latest advancements in both blockchain technology and gaming industry trends. Apply this knowledge to enhance the technical aspects of GameFi projects and solutions. 📍Product Development: Work closely with developers, designers, and product managers to conceptualize, design, and implement GameFi products and services. Ensure that these products meet high-quality standards and user expectations. 📍Marketing and Promotion: Collaborate with the marketing team to develop effective strategies for promoting GameFi projects. Leverage various marketing channels to reach a broader audience and increase adoption. 📍Metrics and Analysis: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for GameFi projects and regularly evaluate their success. Use data-driven insights to optimize strategies and make informed decisions. 📍Compliance and Security: Ensure that all GameFi initiatives comply with relevant regulations and security best practices. Implement measures to protect user assets and maintain the integrity of the ecosystem. 📍Roadmap Development: Create a clear and realistic roadmap for the future development of GameFi within the TON ecosystem. Continuously iterate and improve the roadmap based on feedback and changing market conditions. 📍Research and Innovation: Conduct research on emerging technologies and trends in the GameFi space. Innovate and experiment with new ideas to position TON as a pioneer in the GameFi sector.


📍3+ years of experience in leading positions at crypto companies or similar organizations 📍Technical experience and understanding of basic development concepts of games 📍Advanced English level (C1+) 📍Understanding of TON and its ecosystem 📍Outstanding communication skills

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