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Founding Zero-Knowledge Circuit Engineer
over 1 year ago | 1051 views | 7 applications

Founding Zero-Knowledge Circuit Engineer

New York, San Francisco
Per year
$180,000 To $220,000

About the company

Succinct is building a secure, decentralized, permissionless interoperability layer for Ethereum and other blockchains, powered by zero-knowledge succinct proofs (zkSNARKs). We are working towards a world where all blockchains can communicate with each other in a trust-minimized way--without any centralized entities or multisigs in-between. Much like zk rollup teams are using zkSNARKs to scale execution, we believe using succinct proofs for scaling verification of consensus ("proof of consensus") can lead to much more secure and decentralized interoperability compared to existing bridging solutions. Given the billions of dollars hacked from bridges in the past year, this one of the most important problems in the entire crypto ecosystem.

Job Summary

We are looking for a zkSNARK circuit engineer to help build and optimize zkSNARK circuits for proof of consensus for various chains. The Succinct founders (Uma and John) have deep expertise in zkSNARKs and have built out an implementation of proof of consensus for Ethereum. There will be an opportunity to collaborate closely with them as the team builds out circuits for proving the consensus of other blockchains. We are working on some very exciting core primitives with a chance to do legendary, career-defining work--we can share more on a call. Proof of consensus is an underexplored and interesting niche in the zkSNARK ecosystem with different performance considerations and tradeoffs compared to zkEVM or zk VM implementations. As a result, our optimizations and circuit architecture will be quite novel and ground-breaking. The circuits and work will all be open-source and this will be a great chance to contribute and collaborate deeply with various different proving ecosystems. Qualifications Prior experience developing zkSNARK circuits OR Extremely strong problem-solving and engineering fundamentals A strong knowledge of algorithms or prior competition programming or competition math experience is a good sign Detail oriented, security is paramount Ownership mindset Strong communication and collaboration skills Nice to have Strong math and/or cryptography background Strong knowledge of algorithms or optimizations Familiarity with optimized systems programming Familiarity with Rust Even if the listed qualifications don't seem like an exact match, passionate and enthusiastic people who love to quickly learn are always welcome! Feel free to reach out or apply regardless and we would love to chat.

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