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Founding Partner
about 1 month ago | 103 views | 4 applications

Founding Partner


About the company

We believe that user-ownership is going to play a big part in the future of internet commerce. It's a future where suppliers, creators, workers, & freelancers own more of the upside of the value they create & pay less to intermediaries. The problem? Today, anyone building real-world applications with web3 tech faces unworkable blockchains with high transaction fees, arcane architectural decisions, lots of jargon, compliance headaches, and limited access to high cost developers — that's all before needing a PHD in tokenomics to make it work. Say 👋 to Village. We’re building some of the world's most sophisticated and user-friendly L1 blockchain infra & protocols to enable founders & existing businesses to easily unlock the power of web3 technologies and use them in the real world. Making this powerful tech accessible to anyone is going to shape how people buy and sell goods and services on the internet for years to come. Our founding team has built SaaS, crypto, eCommerce and marketplace companies, and is backed by some of the world’s top crypto & venture investors. Come join us — we need the best builders in the world to come show us what's possible.

Job Summary

About the Role

📍We're partnering with the best founders and teams in the world to build game-changing applications & businesses enabled by Village's powerful web3 technology. The next generation of category-defining platforms will be built with web3 architecture; Village allows ambitious founders and teams to make them a reality. 📍You'll have the autonomy to build and grow your own web3 business or platform, but have access to the world's most sophisticated & easy to implement L1 protocols & web3 technology, and the support of a world-class team to make it a reality. 📍You are entrepreneurial, ambitious and hard-working, but you (like us!) also believe in putting people first and having a huge amount of fun while building a game-changing business 😁 . You’re a leader who has an idea and the vision for a compelling business powered by user-ownership, and the grit and determination to make it a reality. You are autonomous and are excited about taking on big, ambiguous problem spaces. You believe in the power of web3 and Village’s mission to build a user-owned economy, but you also maintain a healthy skepticism of only building web3 for web3’s sake alone.

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