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Developer Education Engineer
at Aptos
9 months ago | 1000 views | Be the first one to apply

Developer Education Engineer

Palo Alto
Per year
$130,000 To $210,000

About the company

Committed to developing products and applications on the Aptos blockchain that redefine the web3 user experience. Our team of accomplished technical experts is dedicated to creating better network tooling and seamless usability to bring the benefits of decentralization to the masses.

Job Summary

What you'll be doing:

📍Independently create educational content that targets developers who are new to blockchain technology and who are coming from different web3 platforms. 📍The educational content include functional end-to-end examples, tutorials, courses, and workshops on the Move programming language, building on Aptos, identity management technologies including Web3 wallets, and best practices. 📍Collaborate with product managers, designers, and engineers on the presentation and visuals of developer docs to ensure the quality of presented materials. 📍Manage and review the educational contents completed by contracted providers or community contributions. 📍Work closely with engineering teams to understand the latest and upcoming technical capabilities of our products and services and develop training materials that are relevant and effective. 📍Work closely with technical writers to ensure consistent coverage and referencing across documentation and education contents. 📍Work closely with developer relation engineers to incorporate community feedback and continuously improve the relevancy and efficacy of the education content. 📍Collaborate with product marketing team to ensure the training materials are aligned with Aptos’ mission and messaging. 📍Organize and lead workshops, webinars, and other training events to help developers learn new skills and stay up-to-date with Aptos ecosystem. 📍Evaluate the effectiveness of the training materials and events and make improvements based on feedback and data analysis.

What we’re looking for:

📍Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related fields. 📍5+ years of software development experience in Java, Python, or JavaScript. 📍Experience with programming languages, runtime, toolchain. 📍Experience with teaching, developing teaching materials from scratch. 📍Understanding of blockchain technology and the difference in platform vs product. 📍Strong communication and collaboration skills in working with cross-functional teams. 📍Familiarity with analytics and data-driven decision-making. 📍Ability to travel internationally when required.

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