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Cryptography Researcher
3 months ago | 357 views | 5 applications

Cryptography Researcher


About the company

Nillion is a secure computation network that is fundamentally changing the way high-value data is stored and used throughout the world. Processing transactions via blockchain was the tip of the iceberg of what information and industries decentralized technology and privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) can impact. The Nillion network expands these technologies into new use cases and verticals like AI, biometric data, health data, voting, consumer data and more.

Job Summary


📍5+ years of academic research experience in cryptography 📍Qualified to a PhD or Postdoc degree in cryptography 📍Several international scientific publications 📍Deep understanding of MPC 📍Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English 📍Extensive experience working with internal and external stakeholders 📍Have highly effective communication, interpersonal and critical thinking skills 📍Ability to understand, formally describe and prove mathematical concepts in writing 📍The ability to write formal security proofs in the UC framework 📍Publications in the domain of MPC, ZKP or FHE


📍Developing new protocols and their security proofs 📍Creating variants of existing protocols (synchronous/asynchronous, computational/ITS, passive/active, static/mobile adversaries, boolean/arithmetic, etc.) 📍Verifying existing Nillion protocols and their security proofs 📍Proof-reading existing written material (e.g. technical whitepaper) 📍Writing new security proofs for existing Nillion protocols 📍Optimizing existing protocols for performance 📍Giving internal presentations for educational purposes 📍Participating in brainstorming sessions for new ideas

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