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Creator Operations(Senior)
3 months ago | 265 views | Be the first one to apply

Creator Operations(Senior)

San Francisco

About the company

MyShell is building an open ecosystem for AI Native Apps. With powerful model platform and creator toolkit, anyone can easily build AI Native Apps. At MyShell, we envision a future where everyone are empowered to access, crate and benefit with AI native apps in a decentralized way. Since its launch in April 2023, MyShell has accumulated a vibrant and strong community across many countries and areas. With a global exposure, MyShell is growing rapidly. The team behind MyShell is composed of talents from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, and Oxford. With a diversified and agile team, every employee in MyShell will enjoy a fair, transparent, and warm working environment. MyShell has already secured millions of dollars in funding from top-tier VCs.

Job Summary

[Key Responsibilities]

📍Be responsible for the platform creator operation of MyShell, and build a creator growth system that attracts, retains, and scales high-value creators. 📍Develop and implement a creator lifecycle management plan, and promote the activity and growth of new and existing creators through effective operation strategies and incentive mechanisms. 📍Construct and maintain a platform content ecology governance strategy system, and be able to quickly identify and solve problems related to content quality, creator behavior, user feedback, etc. 📍Coordinate with various teams to establish a complete closed loop of problem discovery, feature collection, strategy formulation, and effect evaluation, and ensure the smooth implementation and optimization of the platform creator operation. 📍Deeply understand the platform mode and operation goals of MyShell, and formulate reasonable control and disposal strategies for different types of creators and content forms, such as content quality control, creator management, etc. 📍Work closely with the collaboration team and other cross-functional teams to promote project landing and delivery, and be responsible for the final business results and user satisfaction.

[Ideal Candidate Profile]

📍Have a bachelor’s degree or above, and more than 5 years of internet content platform operation experience, preferably with rich creator operation experience and mature understanding of different creator types and content forms. 📍Be familiar with domestic and foreign AI products, and have a strong interest and curiosity in the AI field. Have a certain understanding of the needs and preferences of AI field creators, and like to explore and research the evolution trend and potential of AI products. 📍Have an industry-wide perspective and vision, and have independent thinking and strategy ability. 📍Be able to formulate and execute effective and innovative platform creator operation strategies based on data analysis and user feedback. 📍Be familiar with user lifecycle methodology, and have a good interest and understanding of content products. Be able to design and optimize user journeys and experiences for different types of creators and content forms. 📍Be sensitive to data, and have data analysis experience and skills. Be able to use data analysis tools and methods to help find and solve problems, measure and evaluate the performance and impact of platform creator operation, and provide data-driven insights and suggestions for improvement. 📍Have mature team building and management ability, and be able to identify and use talents. Be able to lead and motivate your team, and collaborate well with other teams and partners.

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